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What If Russia Stops Delivering Gas to Europe?

The EU commission wrote an internal report about what the consequences would be if Russia decided to stop delivering natural gas to Europe. The result can be seen in four graphs, depicting the European situation after 1, 3, 6, and 9 months respectively without Russian supply. Green is normal, dark red means less than 50% of normal consumption.





There is a wide gap between what Euro-politicians, like energy czar Oettinger, are publicly proclaiming and reality. “Europe is safe during the winter“, says Oettinger. The truth is, according to the study, Europe is not. And despite treacherous American declarations to the contrary, there is hardly any alternative supply available.

German situation as an example (in billion m3):

Winter consumption: 51,2 (normal)
Potential deficit: 23 (Russian boycot)
Replacement: 2,75 (LNG, Norway)

Rationing would have to be implemented almost immediately. This shows the extent with which the eurofools are playing with fire (or should we say: with ice?). If Russia really gets pissed off with the EU (and we are surprised that they have not already, but apparently they are too worried about the Chinese), they can implement measures that would dwarf the Morgenthau-plan, the US had in store for Germany, after 1945. Permanent loss of Russian fossil fuel supplies, would not just result in a depression, it would throw Europe back into pre-industrial dark ages. America would probably love that, but then again, Washington is Europe’s enemy since 1917 and Europe’s only remaining enemy after 1989, come to think of it, apart from Europe’s lazy & weak progressive establishment, that slavishly follows the Great Satan in every folly.

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