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Renewable Energy in Scotland

Growth renewable installed capacity between 2007-2013.

Scotland is generally associated with melancholic landscapes, rain, cold and grayness (exactly as a serious country needs to be, but then again we are Dutch), not exactly a country you would expect renewable energy to thrive. Think again. In October, Scotland’s combined renewable energy sources generated enough electricity to cover all residential needs. OK, Scots are favored by a relative large homeland (1/3 of the UK) for merely 3 million homes and 5.3 million people. But nevertheless, here some very impressive figures:

Wind: covered 126% of the electricity needs of every home in Scotland!
Solar electricity: 46% of an average home’s electricity energy needs in Edinburgh, 38% in Inverness, 37% in Glasgow, and 33% in Aberdeen.
Solar hot water: 41% of the hot water needs of an average home in Edinburgh, 31% in Inverness, 30% in Glasgow, and 27% in Aberdeen.

Scotland has the clear intention to continue on the path of strong growth.

Installed renewable capacity segments in 2014.

[] – Scotland’s Renewable Sector Generated Over 100% of Residential Electricity Needs In October

Now we’re off to watch Braveheart for the third time.


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