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Altay Pipeline Deal


Russia, sick and tired of the behavior of the Atlanticist leaning EU cowards, who do everything satanic Washington tells them to do, in casu a useless fight over Ukraine, even if it is totally against their own interest, has signed an agreement with China for the construction of a second pipeline. Good for Russia. After completion, China will have replaced the EU as the largest customer of Russian gas. It should be realized that Russian gas deliveries to the EU cannot not be replaced. If the Euro-fools would really anger Russia even more, Putin can simply shut off all gas deliveries and bring industrial civilization in Europe to a complete standstill.

Maybe we should even hope for such an event, as industrial civilization in its present form will stop sooner or later anyway. A depression could provoke a ‘European Spring’ and confrontation with the spineless 1968 establishment and force them to abdicate, just like their colleagues in eastern Europe in 1989, declare independence from Washington and turn to Moscow. Hundred years ago fascism and national socialism were defense mechanisms against the threat of the far more murderous Bolshevism from the east, that began to consolidate in the early twenties, with Europe as the next item on their to-do list. Expect similar defense mechanisms to occur against the threat of Islamization, the latest leftist establishment pet project, on orders of Washington. Bolshevism, fascism and national socialism were reactions to dire economic circumstances, resulting from World War One. A new depression could unleash unforeseen political movements. Are you sure you want this, Europe? You can still save your neck by lifting all sanctions against Russia and give Washington the finger, but time is clearly running out.


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