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World Largest PV Plant Now in California (550 MW)

Formerly useless desert becoming useful after all. Topaz solar power plant, located in San Luis Obispo County, California, now operational. This solar panel field generates 550 MW peak watt, which boils down to 125 MW average, on a 24h basis. So, if you want to replace a standard 1 GW nuclear or fossil fuel based power plant, you need 8 of these Topaz fields. Quite a task, but once they are installed, you don’t have to worry about fuel bills and carbon tax for at least 25 years.

Investment volume: $2.5B
Panels: 9 million thin-film technology based CdTe PV panels
Manufacturer: First Solar
Power: 550 MW peak (equiv. to army of 4.3 million men on a home trainer, 8h/day, 250 days/year generating 100 Watt continuously, which is very hard work)
Annual production: 1,096 GWh
Employment: 400 construction jobs

[] – Topaz Solar Farm
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