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Happy 2015!

Highspeed Rail Concentration in China

CRH380 harmony bullet at a Wuhan high-speed train maintenance base

The two largest Chinese train builders, CNR and CSR will merge into one company with 170,000 employees, for the purpose of competing on world markets against Alstom-France, Siemens-Germany and Bombardier-Canada in the highspeed rail segment. So far, Chinese products are mainly based on German, French and Japanese technology, but the ambition is to change that.

[] – China verkündet Mega-Fusion der Zugbauer
[] – Schnellfahrstrecke

High-speed Railroad Map Europe 2015

High-speed Railroad Map East Asia 2013

High-speed Railroad Map United States 2013

Renewable Energy #1 Source Electricity in Germany in 2014


For the first time, renewable energy (solar, wind, biomass & hydro combined) is the largest contributor to the electricity generation mix with 25.8% or 157,4 billion kwh. Lignite comes second, nuclear and coal are declining.

[] – Öko-Energie erstmals wichtigste Stromquelle

Moscow Confirms “Turkish Stream”


Yesterday we expressed our fear that Europe could have missed the boat with South Stream and indeed, Gazprom Deputy Chief Executive Officer Alexander Medvedev confirmed that South Stream is history and that instead “the Turkish Stream” is going to be build, even if the EU showed signs of being prepared to make a U-turn. And we believe Russia is credible. The European loss of face is enormous.

Putin-Russia has been courting Europe for full fourteen years, but under the current circumstances had no other choice than to quit. The nagging of the Euro-dwarfs Juncker, Hollande and Merkel simply became too much. As late as June Putin openly advocated a confederation with Europe, but was snubbed. We cannot begin to describe the depth of our rage.

China, Turkey and the US can’t believe their luck.

Satanic Washington got what it wanted, hook, line and sinker: destroy European-Russian relations, that got too cosy to the taste of the US. The neocons organized a Pinochet style CIA coup in Kiev, handpicked a satrap government and forced Putin to exercise damage limitation, by preventing NATO from taking Sevastopol, as well as wannabee operetta Nazi’s genociding Russians in Donbass (nota bene under Kolomoysky Zionist control, you really have to despair at the quality of what passes as Nazi’s these days). And they likely had a hand in co-organizing the downing of the MH17, the flying Lusitania. And from then on they could demonize Putin to their hearts content, dragging the Euro fools with them, completely against their own interest. Washington must be roaring with laughter, f*ck the EU!

China, because Russia has been successfully driven into their arms for a long time to come. Huge Russian infrastructure projects, like high-speed railway lines, will go to Chinese firms, not European ones. Additionally China is jubilant that with this move, Turkey is likely bought into the SCO-alliance, next to existing SCO-member Iran. And since Turkey and Iran will take over the entire Middle East in the coming decade, at the cost of Saudi-Arabia and the West, this means that the entire Middle East, with all its fossil fuel resources will then be under control of the Beijing-Moscow axis.

German Bundeswehr strategic assessment: more than 70% of fossil fuel reserves are situated in the “strategic ellipse” and Europe is now completely left out, because these Euro-idiots let themselves being maneuvered into black hole Ukraine on orders of the satanic Washington neocohns, destroying the relationship with Russia in the process, carefully build up over decades.

Turkey is jubilant as well. Out of the blue and completely unnecessary, Turkey got control over a large chunk of future fossil fuel supply from the Middle East and Russia to Europe and acquired corresponding leverage over Europe, illustrating once again the total incompetence of the European political class, that has outsourced the management of its interests to Washington, an extremely stupid idea. And when Egypt (including Suez canal) will sooner or later fall to the Caliphate, this would mean that Europe will be completely shut off from any source of fossil fuel.

The losers are Russia and Europe and the pathetic spineless Juncker, Hollande and Merkel and their convenient rock solid but fatal and masochistic Atlanticist faith are entirely to blame for this disaster. They will go into the history books as the Honecker’s and Ceausescu’s of western Europe, unable to say no to their overlords at the right time. They sit with their lazy *sses on the most advanced and greatest economy on the planet and yet don’t know what to do with it, other than waiting for orders from Washington.

Russia has to acknowledge that its plan A (Europe of the Fatherlands, including Russia) failed and are now reluctantly executing plan B, to find themselves driven into the welcoming arms of the Chinese.


Europe did not merely shot itself in the foot; it shot itself in both feet, hands, chest, head and genitals (if any). Nobody expects the EU to declare war on America. It would have been sufficient to say no to the sanctions, no to the take-over of Ukraine, yes to South Stream. Europe should have acted just like Schroeder/Fisher and Chirac/Villepin acted in 2003 over Iraq. Just say no, that was all, which would have come at the price of being called a “cheese eating surrender monkey” once again; who cares what the Americans say anyway. They will be history soon, like the USSR in 1991. Ukraine should have been a European-Russian affair and the US neo-bolsheviks should have been kept out.

Few people realize how dramatic for Europe this turn of events really is.

[] – Moscow confirms status of South Stream

South Stream Revived?

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulates South Stream after completion of the welding ceremony[source]

You can’t make this stuff up:

Bulgaria is ready to issue all the necessary permits for the construction of the South Stream pipeline, according to Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. He said it will up to Gazprom whether the pipeline is built or not.

We would not have been surprised if Bulgaria would have finally given Brussels the finger and decided to act alone. After all, pipelines last for decades, the anger of a faceless Brussels bureaucrat for weeks. And Europe is going to need Russian gas in the future anyway, so Bulgaria can earn possible fines imposed now back in the future.

What does (pleasantly) surprise us is:

Borisov said he has the full support and understanding of the European Union and that Bulgaria is not in the wrong and should not suffer financial consequences for stopping the project, the Bulgarian news agency BGNES reports.

So Brussels admits that it bluffed and overplayed its hand with its silly ‘Third Energy Package‘ and all and now it stands exposed as the weak-willed spineless idiots that they are. Putin won again. The trouble for Brussels is: Russians usually stick to their word. On December 1, Moscow agreed with Ankara to build ‘Turk Stream’ instead. Perhaps in his heart, Putin would like to back pedal, but he is a man of his word. And… he noticed that he could buy Turkey into his SCO-alliance and deal the West a crushing blow. Who needs Assad-Syria (and the Tarsus naval base) if you can tie the coming leader of the Middle East into your alliance? The sun sets in the west and apparently the West sinks with it.

Putin will possibly let the Euro’s simmer for a while and increase the price for building South Stream after all, after a talk about Crimea, sanctions, Mistral helicopter carrier, Ukraine-NATO, etc., etc. Perhaps a smaller pipeline to Turkey will be built as well.

Or perhaps South Stream will never be built, after the Europeans humiliated the Russians too much, on orders of Washington.

What a mess.

[] – Bulgaria ready to issue South Stream permits


In the ‘unlikely’ case that Hollande will fail as president, he can always apply to play a walk-on part in a Borat movie, with his new Kazakh coat. And if not, at least he won’t catch a cold on his scooter while sneaking out of the Elysee palace to pay his mistress a visit.

Smart Meter Chaos in Germany


Early adopter in all things renewable energy Germany is running the risk of maneuvering itself into a chaotic situation regarding smart metering. Beginning next year new regulations apply for new buildings, large scale renovations or for those consuming more than 6000 kwh electricity: smart meters become obligatory. The problem: the regulations are ill-defined.

Clear is that supply and consumption data should be readily available on a per-minute basis and quickly distributed, so the network operator can almost instantaneously compare supply and demand.

But that’s about it. A detailed specification of smart meter requirements has yet to be written. Specifically the Federal Office of Information Security (BSI) has failed to deliver and as a consequence several manufacturers can’t offer certified meters.

The German government has decided that for the duration of 2015, non-certified meters can be installed, endangering a unified smart meter infrastructure. Smart meters should enable customers to profit from varying electricity prices and preferably consume electricity when supply is abundant. Obvious applications: washing machine, dryer, e-car, heat-pump.

The CDU-SPD government is highly criticized for missing out on the possibilities of smart mering and that there are still millions of “three-phase meters from the days of the emperor” around.


[] – Deutschland droht das Stromzähler-Chaos

Oil Price Off The Cliff

Oilprice development over the last 2 year

What is happening here? Two hypotheses:

  • Saudi-Arabia deliberately flooding the oil market to wipe the competition out (Iran, Russia, US fracking business)
  • Demand destruction; world adapting to the high oil prices over the recent years

William Engdahl and others assume that Saudi-Arabia has increased oil production on request of global embarrassment USA in order to attack Russia, lower Russian income and hope for regime change in Moscow so they can loot the joint again, like during the Jeltsin & oligarch years.

Our educated guess is that it is mainly the first factor. Consumer behavior doesn’t change that fast. But we tend to think that this price dip will be short-lived, because likely victim #1 will be the US and its fracking business, wiping out production there in no-time, although Russia also will be severely hit. The winners of course are the consumers, to begin with in Europe:

[] – Ifo-Ökonomen heben Wachstumsprognose kräftig an

Very upbeat expectations for Germany. 1.5% growth in 2015 expected and record low unemployment of 6.6%.

[] – CPB: export én consumptie trekken aan

Netherlands, same story. 1.5% growth, reduced unemployment

Meanwhile, Iran is not amused:

[] – Iran: Fall in oil prices is ‘treachery’

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that the sharp fall in global oil prices is the result of “treachery,” in an apparent reference to regional rival Saudi Arabia, which opposed production cuts.

[] – Saudi Prince says Riyadh won’t cut oil unless others follow

Saudi-Arabia admits that it could decrease production to give a boost to oil prices, but that it won’t:

“The kingdom is not going to give up market share at this time to anybody and allow – whether it is Russia, Nigeria, or Iran or other places – to sell oil to Saudi customer,” said Prince Turki, who has also held Saudi Arabia top overseas diplomatic post as the kingdom’s ambassador to the US.

South Stream in Perspective


Let’s do a simple calculation of what a pipeline like South Stream actually means in terms of energy:

Diameter pipe: 81 cm
Capacity: 63 billion m3 natural gas/year
Energy content 1 m3 natural gas: ca. 12 kwh
Energy generated in one man-day of work: 1 kwh (very hard work)
Total energy per year in kwh: 756 billion
Total man-days/year equivalent South Stream: 756 billion
Number of man-year equivalent: 3 billion (based on 250 workdays/year)

In other words: this pipeline of 81 cm diameter represents the equivalent of the physical workforce of more than the entire adult male population on the planet, as long as the gas keeps flowing. Europe just missed out on 3 billion virtual energy slaves, that’s 6 per European. And why: because spineless ‘soft-power’ dimwits like Juncker, Hollande and Merkel take orders from Washington, that’s why.

Compressed Air Energy Storage

Storing electricity safely, efficiently and in large amounts that is one of the greatest challenges for the power supply of the future. RWE Power, General Electric, Züblin and DLR are facing this task in the ADELE project.

Located in McIntosh, Ala., PowerSouth’s McIntosh Power Plant currently includes four natural-gas fired combustion turbines and the United States’ only Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) unit. The Plant’s first two natural-gas units went commercial in 1998, with a capacity of 240 megawatts. The second set of two natural-gas units went commercial in 2010, with a capacity of 360 megawatts. The CAES facility has a capacity of 110 megawatts. Total plant capacity is 710 megawatts — enough electricity to power approximately 710,000 homes. The natural-gas fired, simple-cycle units are classified as peaking units. They are designed to provide additional electricity to the PowerSouth system during “peak” usage periods — usually short periods of time during early morning or evening hours. The McIntosh Plant’s turbines and generators offer simple-cycle technology with short start-up time, making them suitable for continuous, peaking and emergency operation.

[] – Compressed air energy storage
[] – Compressed Air Energy Storage

The principle: demonstration of a small compressed air battery. The bottle stores compressed air. The high speed air from the bottle moves a turbine connected to a DC motor who acts as a dynamo. This turbine-motor comes from a home hairdryer.

SeaTwirl Offshore Wind Power

[] – SeaTwirl

Prototype Halmstad, Swedish west coast

Turk Stream – CrossTalk

The German guest thinks that South Stream is not over yet and that Europe remains an interesting partner for Russia because: 1) pipeline system is in place and 2) Europe pays the highest prices for gas. The Greek guest points at the natural gas potential in the eastern Mediterranean that could compensate for the loss of Russian supply.

Overpopulated – BBC

Very professional and well worth seeing documentary. Swedish medical doctor, academic, statistician and public speaker Hans Rosling and his optimistic message: don’t panic regarding overpopulation. Example of Bangladesh that managed to bring fertility down from 7 to 2.2 children per mother in forty years. Global fertility is now 2.5 children per woman, coming down from five, fifty years ago. Rosling believes that we are at the end of the period of fast population growth and that an equilibrium could be reached of ca. 11 billion people this century. There are now 2 billion children (0-15) in the world and this number will likely remain stable for the rest of the century. In other words, we are living in a period of “peak child”. Population growth in this century will result from people “refusing to die on time”, in other words, they live longer than before.

Rosling introduces the “population pincode“, that is the number of people (in billion) living in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Pincode 2014: 1114
Pincode 2050: 1125
Pincode 2100: 1145

No more growth after 2100. Rosling believes that there are enough resources to “live well” together.

Editor: upbeat message and as far as population growth is concerned a credible message. Not so sure concerning the resource situation. And what are the consequences for the development of the third world if the people who historically were responsible for all innovation are dramatically declining in numbers, as compared to the billions of newcomers? And then there is the strong possibility of another world war and/or financial collapse, making the ‘large investments’ Rosling is dreaming about a pipe dream.

UPDATE 20-12-2014:

[] – Global life expectancy rises 6 yrs in last 2 decades

Global life expectancy soared by 5.8 years in men and 6.6 years in women between 1990 and 2013. Life expectancy for both sexes increased from 65.3 years in 1990, to 71.5 years in 2013.

These findings are in line with the conclusions of Rosling: population growth is to a large extent the result of rapidly increasing life expectancy.

Younicos Storage

Younicos combines storage and software, resulting in very fast response times to changes in supply and demand.


Read more…

More on Turk Stream


The announcement by Vladimir Putin to cancel the construction of South-Stream has sent shock waves across the internet commentariat.

[] – Neue Konzernstrategie: Gazprom wendet sich von Europa ab
Gazprom chairman Miller has said that no new pipelines to Europe will be built and that Europe needs to arrange itself with Turkey. Gazprom has abandoned its old business model of concentrating on supplying to end consumers on the European market. From now on Europeans should take responsibility for their own pipelines. Miller accuses the EU commission for this change of course and openly admits that Turkey can use its future control of gas flows to Europe for ‘geopolitical power poker’. Miller clearly wants to rub it in. Miller confirms that the aim of the new pipeline to Turkey will be to completely sideline the Ukraine as transit country. Biggest loser will be Bulgaria. As a consequence of obeying the demands of John McCain, Bulgaria looses 6000 jobs, access to gas and transit fees, that will all go to Turkey. In the end all transit through Ukraine is planned to stop, meaning that the smaller pipeline through Ukraine and Romania to Bulgaria will cease to transport gas as well (see map above). It is obvious that this farce did not do much good for EU prestige in Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Serbia, to put it mildly.

Editor: usually Russians don’t bluff and stick to their words, unlike the Europeans, who have been enjoying relatively easy prosperity for too long. It is unlikely that the decision not to built South Stream is going to be reversed any time soon and perhaps even never.

[] – Westliche South-Stream-Partner überrumpelt vom Projekt-Stopp
Clear signs that the European partners of Russia, involved in the construction of South Stream, were taken by surprise by the Russian decision to no longer let itself be humiliated by Brussels. Nobody was consulted in advance. Not the German company Wintershall, who stated that it was confused about the behavior of the EU commission and that it was unable to discern a clear course of the commission, nor the Dutch offshore company Allseas, that was to construct the pipeline.

Editor: it is not difficult to discern the true course of the EU commission: Washington said no to the pipeline and that what is it, end of story. The corrupt cretins from Brussels do not represent the best interests of the European public but those of Washington and Wallstreet only. It is time for that to stop, to face the true enemy of Europe and deal them a blow at the right moment.


[] – William Engdahl, Putin Pipeline Moves and EU stupidity
Engdahl summarizes Putin’s attitude: he wanted to construct the pipeline, the EU refused, so the pipeline is not going to be built. Engdahl states the obvious, namely that the EU is the loser and not Russia and that Washington is the real culprit, combined with Europe’s cowardliness.

Editor: Europe’s true feelings became quickly apparent when within a few days time Juncker, Hollande and now Gabriel all espressed their wish that the pipeline should be build. They implicitly admitted that they had overplayed their hand. Too late. All the pipelines through Ukraine are going to be phased out, leaving all of South-Eastern Europe at the mercy of Russia and Turkey.

The West snatched Ukraine from the sphere of influence of Russia (for as long as it lasts) but Russia snatched Turkey from the sphere of influence of the West by this genial pipeline move. It won’t be long until it will become clear even to Brussels who gained and who lost. Ukraine is a useless corrupt economic black hole. Turkey in contrast is the coming power in the Middle East and will soon expand its tentacles over Saudi-Arabia and the rest of the Arabian oil provinces, thanks to ISIS. It is likely that Turkey will gradually gravitate towards the East and sooner or later become member of SCO. That would mean that Europe will be completely dependent for its fossil fuel on and consequently at the mercy of the SCO-alliance, thanks to the satanic Americans and their world domination schemes, who pushed us Europeans into a useless Ukraine adventure at the cost of a catastrophic deterioration of our geo-strategic position.

There is only one way out of this mess and that is to for France and Germany to break with Washington and become member of SCO and tell the Americans to leave Europe.



Terrible lack of grandeur and charisma. Juncker, Merkel and Hollande failed to lead Europe into independence from the US

Supply or Demand? Peak Oil with Richard Heinberg

Heinberg finally admits that he did not see the fracking boom coming, causing us to make all sorts of unfunded statements ten years ago like: ‘Jan Modaal won’t be driving a car in ten years time’ (Jan Modaal is the Dutch version of Joe Sixpack).
Youtube: Richard Heinberg, senior fellow at The Post Carbon Institute, tells Erin how this particular boom bust cycle – with a tremendous surge in US domestic oil pro. Our lead story: This week Stanford said that it would divest all of its investments in coal-mining companies, becoming the wealthiest US university to pledge. Recorded February 25th, 2014 in Vancouver, BC Richard Heinberg speaks on his newest book, covering the short-term nature of the recent North American oil boo.

Don’t get distracted at 1:49.

Sigmar Gabriel Hopes South Stream Will Be Built Eventually

Sigmar Gabriel, chairman of the social-democrat SPD and vice-chancellor of Germany.

We have said it before: when it comes to Vernunft (reason) in matters of geopolitics, the German left (SPD) beats the conservatives of the CDU. The SPD after all was the party of the Ostpolitik and a lot of SPD heavy-weights hate to see these policies trashed under the current incompetent chancellor Angela Merkel, who can’t say nein to her US overlords and whose Adenauer-Stiftung was complicit in the theft of the Ukraine from the Russian sphere of influence by paying Ukrainian students 25 euro/day to play revolutionary at Maidan Square to prepare for the Pinochet style overthrow of a democratically legitimate elected government.

Sigmar Gabriel has expressed his wish that the mega-pipeline South-Stream will be built after all, after last week Vladimir Putin abruptly cancelled the construction of the pipeline or rather diverted the route of said pipeline to Turkey. Gabriel said this shortly before a meeting of European energy ministers in Brussels. Most of the gas will end up in Europe anyway, but now with an additional Turkish transit surcharge and the risk that Turkey will could use the new circumstance to blackmail Europe. It is a clear sign of the sheer incompetence of European politicians that they did not see this coming, but lazy Europeans have always outsourced the management of Europe’s fate to Washington, which comes down to letting Al Capone run your bank, an extremely bad idea.

Editor: more proof that the European political class is caught by surprise and is starting to panic. We haven’t the faintest idea if South-Stream is going to be built, although we certainly hope so. What we do know is that Vladimir Putin won’t make a u-turn anytime soon, but will prefer to let the Europeans remain in the panic mode for a considerable time and enjoy the positive returns of his travel to Turkey last week.

[] – South Stream: Gabriel hofft trotz Russen-Veto auf die Mega-Pipeline

Climate Protection Country Ranking

Legenda: Gesamt Punktzahl=overall ranking points; Erneuerbare Energie=renewable energy

Alsways fun: country rankings, medal tables, etc. The UN climate protection ranking 2014 is out (click on the picture to read it). Usual suspect Denmark is on top. The UK and France rank much higher than Germany, which has everything to do with nuclear power. Germany tumbled from the top-10 because it closed down nuclear power stations in the wake of the Fukushima disaster and replaced them with coal power stations. CO2 low-lives like Ukraine, China, USA and our own Holland don’t look good at all. At the bottom of the list are Japan, Russia and Canada, the latter making a living of selling asphalt, pretending it is oil.

Applied weights in the ranking:

  • CO2 emission level (30%)
  • Rate of change of emission (30 %)
  • Climate policy (20 %)
  • Development of renewable energy (10 %)
  • Energy efficiency (10 %)

Perhaps you wonder who was 1, 2 and 3? Answer nobody. It was the commission’s subtle method of telling the world that nobody is good enough for a bronze, silver, let alone a gold medal.

[] – Internationale Rangliste: Beim Klimaschutz bleibt Deutschland Mittelmaß

Pepe Escobar on Turk Stream

Tough guys who know what they want, unlike the Euro pussies

Russia cancelled South Stream, catching the EU by surprise. The EU bluffed and failed. Germany can praise itself lucky is has at least North Stream in place, the Balkans are not so lucky.

The pipeline gambit began with the South Stream – Nabucco competition in 2009. 2009, that was before the 2014-prospect of Turkish SCO membership became a distinct possibility. 2009 was the year the West thought that Turkey was a western ally. The idiots.

2009 picture: Nabucco versus South Stream. Now South Stream and Nabucco have merged into a single pipeline, originating in Russia, but ending up in Turkey. The Turks can use this new situation to blackmail Europe, if necessary.

Nabucco turned out to be an empty promise: no pipeline, because no supply. Escobar says that South Stream could be revived, but he would not bet the farm on it. However, Juncker almost immediately backpedaled, but after Escobar finished his article.

But for the moment, South Stream is history. The pipeline is going to be built, but now to Turkey, not Bulgaria. Russian gas will probably end up in Europe anyway, but via Turkey, who can close down the future pipeline if it wants to. Europe wanted to reduce dependency on Russia (on orders of its US overlord), now the Euro-fools increased their dependency on both Russia and Turkey. Turkey won’t stall the process with nitpicking ‘third energy packages’ and glad it can control energy flows to Europe after all.

Escobar points out that the new destination of the pipeline makes perfect business sense for Russia, since Turkey is the 2nd biggest customer of Russian gas, after Germany, much bigger than Bulgaria, Hungary and Austria combined. But perhaps Turkey will be kind enough and leave something left for the Euro’s after all. Perhaps not.

Turkey is the big winner. They not only get the new pipeline, they also will receive a total new nuclear infrastructure, to be built by Russia. Turkey increasingly will become a hub for gas and oil. They already transport fuel from Azerbaijan, via the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan pipeline. Poor Saudi-Arabia; Russia will provide Turkey with all the energy it will need.

Furthermore, this is almost certainly an overture towards Turkish SCO-membership, completely sidelining the EU. Russia courted Europe from the very moment Putin came to power and Europe initially reciprocated the avances, culminating in the refusal of the triumvirate Putin-Schroeder-Chirac to join the US in the rape of Iraq.

This is what Putin really wants, cooperating with Germany and France, but unfortunately, Hollande and Merkel are of a lesser caliber than Schroeder and Chirac and completely subservient to Washington demands.

But everything went catastrophically downwards for Europe, when it cooperated with neocon run Washington, the only serious enemy Europe has, in its successful attempt to steel Ukraine from the 1000 year old Russian sphere of influence, early 2014. It was an act of pure western aggression and now Russia has hit back where it really hurts and this damage will be extremely difficult to mend and it will be probably necessary to kick the entire Atlanticist nomenclatura out, ranging from Merkel, Hollande to Juncker.

[] – “Turk Stream”: Huge Win for Turkey – Big Win For Russia – Historic Loss for EU

Global Oil Production

Looks like ‘the rest of the world’ has peaked.

World total liquids

No global peak oil yet.

[] – Peak Oil in the Rest of the World

Turk Stream

Youtube: published 5 dec. 2014 – Russia’s cancellation of the South Stream gas pipeline just may be a game changer for Russia-EU relations. Brussels threatened EU members who were keen to be part of this project. Moscow called Brussels’ bluff and Europe will probably pay a heavy price. CrossTalking with Alexander Mercouris, Kostis Geropoulos and Matthias Dornfeldt.

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