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EU Backpedaling on South Stream


Soft power zombie & beta male Jean-Claude Juncker (‘soft-power’ = veiled language to express the intention that the EU will play the 2nd fiddle in the western alliance until Kingdom comes, despite the fact that Europe has long overtaken former colony and financial and racial house of cards USA in most technological & economic areas), who heads the EU commission, has finally realized that the EU is grotesquely overplaying its hand against Russia:

(Reuters) – European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has insisted the $40 billion South Stream natural gas pipeline can still go ahead and accused Russia of holding EU-member Bulgaria to ransom when it said it had abandoned the project. Speaking after talks with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov, whose country South Stream would traverse making it a major beneficiary, Juncker rebutted Russia’s statement that EU competition rules had killed it.

You can’t make this stuff up! For this farce to happen, all Putin needed to do was paying the Sultan-in-waiting Erdogan a visit and it finally started to dawn even to the Europeans that they were surrounded, if Turkey would indeed leave the western camp and join SCO, a very realistic possibility. If that were to happen, than all virtual thought experiments of the Nabucco variety, aiming at reducing fossil fuel dependency on Russia, would be worthless and Europe should seriously face the possibility that it could be completely cut-off from fossil fuel from both Russia and the Middle-East.

Here is yet another major EU U-turn, after gamma male Herman van Rompuy expressed his views in a farewell address in Paris during his last days as ‘president’ of the EU, that perhaps Ukraine would be better off as a federal state, a reasonable proposition made much earlier by Vlad the Great and if the EU had enforced this policy early this year, against the will of the US, the whole Ukraine & sanctions mess could have been avoided.

You could say, better late than never, but the damage in terms of loss of European prestige is enormous. Europe is the premier address on this planet in many regards, but tragically without leaders, just spineless Atlanticist 1968 cultural Marxist trash, begging for US leadership.

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