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Climate Protection Country Ranking

Legenda: Gesamt Punktzahl=overall ranking points; Erneuerbare Energie=renewable energy

Alsways fun: country rankings, medal tables, etc. The UN climate protection ranking 2014 is out (click on the picture to read it). Usual suspect Denmark is on top. The UK and France rank much higher than Germany, which has everything to do with nuclear power. Germany tumbled from the top-10 because it closed down nuclear power stations in the wake of the Fukushima disaster and replaced them with coal power stations. CO2 low-lives like Ukraine, China, USA and our own Holland don’t look good at all. At the bottom of the list are Japan, Russia and Canada, the latter making a living of selling asphalt, pretending it is oil.

Applied weights in the ranking:

  • CO2 emission level (30%)
  • Rate of change of emission (30 %)
  • Climate policy (20 %)
  • Development of renewable energy (10 %)
  • Energy efficiency (10 %)

Perhaps you wonder who was 1, 2 and 3? Answer nobody. It was the commission’s subtle method of telling the world that nobody is good enough for a bronze, silver, let alone a gold medal.

[] – Internationale Rangliste: Beim Klimaschutz bleibt Deutschland Mittelmaß


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