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The announcement by Vladimir Putin to cancel the construction of South-Stream has sent shock waves across the internet commentariat.

[] – Neue Konzernstrategie: Gazprom wendet sich von Europa ab
Gazprom chairman Miller has said that no new pipelines to Europe will be built and that Europe needs to arrange itself with Turkey. Gazprom has abandoned its old business model of concentrating on supplying to end consumers on the European market. From now on Europeans should take responsibility for their own pipelines. Miller accuses the EU commission for this change of course and openly admits that Turkey can use its future control of gas flows to Europe for ‘geopolitical power poker’. Miller clearly wants to rub it in. Miller confirms that the aim of the new pipeline to Turkey will be to completely sideline the Ukraine as transit country. Biggest loser will be Bulgaria. As a consequence of obeying the demands of John McCain, Bulgaria looses 6000 jobs, access to gas and transit fees, that will all go to Turkey. In the end all transit through Ukraine is planned to stop, meaning that the smaller pipeline through Ukraine and Romania to Bulgaria will cease to transport gas as well (see map above). It is obvious that this farce did not do much good for EU prestige in Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Croatia and Serbia, to put it mildly.

Editor: usually Russians don’t bluff and stick to their words, unlike the Europeans, who have been enjoying relatively easy prosperity for too long. It is unlikely that the decision not to built South Stream is going to be reversed any time soon and perhaps even never.

[] – Westliche South-Stream-Partner überrumpelt vom Projekt-Stopp
Clear signs that the European partners of Russia, involved in the construction of South Stream, were taken by surprise by the Russian decision to no longer let itself be humiliated by Brussels. Nobody was consulted in advance. Not the German company Wintershall, who stated that it was confused about the behavior of the EU commission and that it was unable to discern a clear course of the commission, nor the Dutch offshore company Allseas, that was to construct the pipeline.

Editor: it is not difficult to discern the true course of the EU commission: Washington said no to the pipeline and that what is it, end of story. The corrupt cretins from Brussels do not represent the best interests of the European public but those of Washington and Wallstreet only. It is time for that to stop, to face the true enemy of Europe and deal them a blow at the right moment.


[] – William Engdahl, Putin Pipeline Moves and EU stupidity
Engdahl summarizes Putin’s attitude: he wanted to construct the pipeline, the EU refused, so the pipeline is not going to be built. Engdahl states the obvious, namely that the EU is the loser and not Russia and that Washington is the real culprit, combined with Europe’s cowardliness.

Editor: Europe’s true feelings became quickly apparent when within a few days time Juncker, Hollande and now Gabriel all espressed their wish that the pipeline should be build. They implicitly admitted that they had overplayed their hand. Too late. All the pipelines through Ukraine are going to be phased out, leaving all of South-Eastern Europe at the mercy of Russia and Turkey.

The West snatched Ukraine from the sphere of influence of Russia (for as long as it lasts) but Russia snatched Turkey from the sphere of influence of the West by this genial pipeline move. It won’t be long until it will become clear even to Brussels who gained and who lost. Ukraine is a useless corrupt economic black hole. Turkey in contrast is the coming power in the Middle East and will soon expand its tentacles over Saudi-Arabia and the rest of the Arabian oil provinces, thanks to ISIS. It is likely that Turkey will gradually gravitate towards the East and sooner or later become member of SCO. That would mean that Europe will be completely dependent for its fossil fuel on and consequently at the mercy of the SCO-alliance, thanks to the satanic Americans and their world domination schemes, who pushed us Europeans into a useless Ukraine adventure at the cost of a catastrophic deterioration of our geo-strategic position.

There is only one way out of this mess and that is to for France and Germany to break with Washington and become member of SCO and tell the Americans to leave Europe.



Terrible lack of grandeur and charisma. Juncker, Merkel and Hollande failed to lead Europe into independence from the US

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