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Sigmar Gabriel Hopes South Stream Will Be Built Eventually

Sigmar Gabriel, chairman of the social-democrat SPD and vice-chancellor of Germany.

We have said it before: when it comes to Vernunft (reason) in matters of geopolitics, the German left (SPD) beats the conservatives of the CDU. The SPD after all was the party of the Ostpolitik and a lot of SPD heavy-weights hate to see these policies trashed under the current incompetent chancellor Angela Merkel, who can’t say nein to her US overlords and whose Adenauer-Stiftung was complicit in the theft of the Ukraine from the Russian sphere of influence by paying Ukrainian students 25 euro/day to play revolutionary at Maidan Square to prepare for the Pinochet style overthrow of a democratically legitimate elected government.

Sigmar Gabriel has expressed his wish that the mega-pipeline South-Stream will be built after all, after last week Vladimir Putin abruptly cancelled the construction of the pipeline or rather diverted the route of said pipeline to Turkey. Gabriel said this shortly before a meeting of European energy ministers in Brussels. Most of the gas will end up in Europe anyway, but now with an additional Turkish transit surcharge and the risk that Turkey will could use the new circumstance to blackmail Europe. It is a clear sign of the sheer incompetence of European politicians that they did not see this coming, but lazy Europeans have always outsourced the management of Europe’s fate to Washington, which comes down to letting Al Capone run your bank, an extremely bad idea.

Editor: more proof that the European political class is caught by surprise and is starting to panic. We haven’t the faintest idea if South-Stream is going to be built, although we certainly hope so. What we do know is that Vladimir Putin won’t make a u-turn anytime soon, but will prefer to let the Europeans remain in the panic mode for a considerable time and enjoy the positive returns of his travel to Turkey last week.

[] – South Stream: Gabriel hofft trotz Russen-Veto auf die Mega-Pipeline

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