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Supply or Demand? Peak Oil with Richard Heinberg

Heinberg finally admits that he did not see the fracking boom coming, causing us to make all sorts of unfunded statements ten years ago like: ‘Jan Modaal won’t be driving a car in ten years time’ (Jan Modaal is the Dutch version of Joe Sixpack).
Youtube: Richard Heinberg, senior fellow at The Post Carbon Institute, tells Erin how this particular boom bust cycle – with a tremendous surge in US domestic oil pro. Our lead story: This week Stanford said that it would divest all of its investments in coal-mining companies, becoming the wealthiest US university to pledge. Recorded February 25th, 2014 in Vancouver, BC Richard Heinberg speaks on his newest book, covering the short-term nature of the recent North American oil boo.

Don’t get distracted at 1:49.


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