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South Stream in Perspective


Let’s do a simple calculation of what a pipeline like South Stream actually means in terms of energy:

Diameter pipe: 81 cm
Capacity: 63 billion m3 natural gas/year
Energy content 1 m3 natural gas: ca. 12 kwh
Energy generated in one man-day of work: 1 kwh (very hard work)
Total energy per year in kwh: 756 billion
Total man-days/year equivalent South Stream: 756 billion
Number of man-year equivalent: 3 billion (based on 250 workdays/year)

In other words: this pipeline of 81 cm diameter represents the equivalent of the physical workforce of more than the entire adult male population on the planet, as long as the gas keeps flowing. Europe just missed out on 3 billion virtual energy slaves, that’s 6 per European. And why: because spineless ‘soft-power’ dimwits like Juncker, Hollande and Merkel take orders from Washington, that’s why.

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