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Smart Meter Chaos in Germany


Early adopter in all things renewable energy Germany is running the risk of maneuvering itself into a chaotic situation regarding smart metering. Beginning next year new regulations apply for new buildings, large scale renovations or for those consuming more than 6000 kwh electricity: smart meters become obligatory. The problem: the regulations are ill-defined.

Clear is that supply and consumption data should be readily available on a per-minute basis and quickly distributed, so the network operator can almost instantaneously compare supply and demand.

But that’s about it. A detailed specification of smart meter requirements has yet to be written. Specifically the Federal Office of Information Security (BSI) has failed to deliver and as a consequence several manufacturers can’t offer certified meters.

The German government has decided that for the duration of 2015, non-certified meters can be installed, endangering a unified smart meter infrastructure. Smart meters should enable customers to profit from varying electricity prices and preferably consume electricity when supply is abundant. Obvious applications: washing machine, dryer, e-car, heat-pump.

The CDU-SPD government is highly criticized for missing out on the possibilities of smart mering and that there are still millions of “three-phase meters from the days of the emperor” around.


[] – Deutschland droht das Stromzähler-Chaos

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