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Rocket Mass Heater

Many personal adds refer to it: a fire place, a glass of wine and a beloved one to have a ‘good conversation’ with (about the prenuptial agreement perhaps?), nothing beats an open fire to keep people warm. Or does it?

The problem with the standard open fire place is that perhaps up to 90% of the heat escapes unused via the chimney, just to heat the universe. And that the heat that is generated, is often too intense and short-lived. A remedy against that is to store the heat in a large mass and to release it evenly and slowly. That’s where the rocket mass heater comes in.

The hot air generated in the black stove is transported through the stone mass below the window, before it is released through the chimney at considerably lower temperature as would have been the case if released directly. Now the heat is stored in the large stone body. In this manner you need up to six times less fuel to achieve the same heating result. Additionally, you need to pay less attention to the fire during the day, just get the stone mass warm early in the morning and you’re warm for a couple of hours.



[] – Rocket mass heater
[] – Rocket Mass Heaters

In the Low Countries the same principle is applied in the ‘speeksteenkachel’ (Talc) or Noorse speksteenkachel (Norwegian talcstone hearth) or Finkachel or Finish stove.

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