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US #1 Gas Jockey Dies

Can’t make this stuff up: in king Abdullah’s Saudi-Arabia, the punishment for adultery is stoning to death. That’s a narrow escape then for Charlie and Camilla. It also illustrates that political opportunism (read: fossil fuel) always trumps moral principles.

King Abdullah is dead. Long live the king (Salman).

What’s the difference again between ISIS and Saudi-Arabia? Spoiler: none. Not that we care. We see fundamentalist Islam as a perfect container to keep the Arab IQ85 crowd locked up safely into their own territories, after making themselves impossible in Europe with their archaic mindset, so our resident nihilistic 1968 lefties have insurmountable trouble ‘integrating‘ these chaps into Europe and ruin that once magnificent civilization in the process. Way to go ISIS/Saudi-Arabia! Chop-chop! And give the American neo-bolsheviks and their wannabee world empire the finger.

US Defense Secretary Hagel: “King Abdullah was a powerful voice for tolerance, moderation and peace”. In the light of what happened in Syria, with strong Saudi involvment, this is quite a statement. Anglo politicians can be a little hypocritical at times.

Buckingham Palace is mourning. British are traditionally fond of humor.

Short history of Saudi-Arabia.

The most important thing in the life of a Brit is that the German doesn’t win. If that comes with the ruination of the British empire, so be it. That explains to a large extent WW1, WW2, the Soviet occupation of eastern Europe, oh and the existence of Saudi-Arabia.

The territory of what is now known as Saudi-Arabia, was part of the Ottoman-empire, before British and French imperialists showed up in the Middle-East. The Germans tried to circumvent the Suez-canal by building a railway between Berlin and the Middle-East, but the British did not like that and tried to sabotage the project. Key element of the British grand strategy was to destroy the German WW1 Ottoman ally by promoting independence of Arabia from the Turks. That’s where ‘Lawrence of Arabia‘ came in. This fine British homosexual managed to promote himself as the leader of the Arab tribes and set them up against the Turks, and yet avoided getting himself stoned because of his sexual preferences.

In order to achieve his aim, Lawrence used the most archaic and martial tribe he could find, the Wahabist Sauds. In 1918 WW1 came to and end and the Turks lost control over Arabia. Finally in 1932 Saudi Arabia came into being. And then the British made a catastrophic mistake by failing to realize that Saudi-Arabia had the world’s largest oil reserves and snubbed the Saudi request to support oil exploiration in their new country. The Americans however did. And the rest is history.

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Very professional dramatized Franco-German documentary (in German) about the Baghdad-railway, which the British tried to sabotage.

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