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Apple Goes Solar ($850M)


Apple is to build a new giant solar installation (5 km2) in California to power its new headquarters in Cupertino. First Solar is to carry out the job. Apple already has experience with solar energy and fuel cells in Maiden/North-Carolina. Current company value: $711B, higher than any other company in the history of the US, indicating where the future of the economy is heading:

*** solid state physics (IT + solar energy) ***

Meanwhile, Apple has the insane amount of $178B cash reserves, that’s an equivalent of 100+ GW solar power, or 100+ conventional power stations.
Hint: Apple could become very big in solar power and the catalyst of the global solar power revolution.

[] – Kalifornien: Apple setzt auf Sonne
[] – Apple is spending $850 million to build a giant solar farm

Apple solar Maiden/North-Carolina

[] – Apple Strikes Deal for Third Solar Farm at North Carolina Data Center


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