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Apple has a problem: too much money ($178B). What do most companies do in this situation: expand and invest in new territories; after all, a human may have two ears, but only one mouth, so it does not make sense to have two iPhones.

What territories to expand in? Apple is hiring people with an automotive background, according to the WSJ up to 1000 people. Rumors about a project code-named “Titan”. More indications: battery company A123 Systems is suing Apple for snatching away valuable top technicians.

We’ll be curious to learn how the iCar is going to look like, perhaps a mix between a Fiat 500 and an iPhone, no doubt online as you drive, instruct your car by voice what your destination is. Start the car: tap an icon. Update the latest software while you drive. Cruise control, perhaps even automatic driving; currently many companies are working on that. No doubt electric, perhaps integrated solar cells, low energy consumption, fuel cells, sold as a ‘green car’.

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