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European Energy Union


More self-serving hot air from Brussels. The bureaucrats invented a new way to make themselves important and provide excuses for more well-paid but useless EU paper pushing jobs. The EU presented a new plan for a ‘European Energy Union’. The weak-willed 1968 baby boomer cowards, human rights commies and Honecker-look-alikes, desperately looking for leadership from Washington, have come up with the idea of reducing fossil fuel dependence from Russia.

In itself it is not a bad idea to spread dependencies over as many parties as possible (even if you are not anti-Russian and we are most definitely not anti-Russian), but before you set that goal, you must be sure that there are alternatives. Here is the kicker: there are no alternatives other than rapidly setting up a renewable energy base, which is going to take decades anyway.

If the EU wants to make itself useful for a change, it needs to go to Moscow and hammer out an all-encompassing agreement, without informing the Americans, with the following contents:

  • Lifting of all sanctions
  • Accept Russian Crimea, but Ukraine compensated for the loss of income Sevastopol lease
  • Time table for the removal of all US troops from Europe
  • Joint European-Russian investment program for the reconstruction of Ukraine
  • If necessary build South-Stream, but better to save money and use existing Ukrainian pipeline infrastructure, including Ukrainian transfer fee income after some European-Russian arm-twisting/disciplining of Ukraine. Redefine Ukraine as economic European-Russian borderland, but with clear Slavic-Orthodox roots. Never Ukrainian NATO-membership (but NATO itself does not have much future anyway).

[] – The European Commission Unveils Its Energy Union Plan


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