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Natural Gas Extraction Triggers Earth Quakes

The natural gas field in the northern Dutch province of Groningen was once the 9th largest in the world and contributed significantly to Dutch prosperity since 1960. Original size field: 2.8 trillion m3 (100 trillion ft3). Current yearly extraction rate 80 billion m3, of which 40 bcm is exported. All in all, the Netherlands expects to be self-sufficient for ‘several decades’.

[] – more impressive pictures here

The trouble is: you can’t extract ca. 2 trillion m3 from a relative small area without noticing it above the ground. Unsurprisingly the soil subsides and earth quakes with a Richter strength of 3.5 are happening all the time and cause considerable damage to buildings and infrastructure. The province and its citizens are up in arms and demand a decrease in extractions.

Government response? Increase speed implementation renewable wind energy and [drum-roll] consider increasing gas imports from… Russia! This situation can be exploited by the Dutch government by suggesting to its own public that we cannot afford to jeopardize our already strained relation with Russia, so that’s why our secret service is sabotaging the investigation. But it is all for your own good, dear citizen. In this manner, the Dutch can avoid embarrassing their imperial overlord USA for the reward of 122.5 repatriated gold from the US. Everybody happy, perhaps even Russia, since nobody accuses Russia anymore about MH17. No longer in anybodies interest.

[] – ‘Russisch gas is optie bij dichtdraaien gaskraan Groningen’
[] – Groningen gas field


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