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Russia Continuous to Divert Gas from Europe to Asia

Strategic disaster in the making for Europe, that runs the serious risk of running out of fuel if the Middle-East descends further into chaos.

The Americans can be proud of themselves and their actions in Ukraine, by managing to let their Euro-serfs shoot themselves in the foot, by driving a wedge between Europe and Russia. That’s what you get if you believe that your worst enemy (neocon-run USA) is your savior, a mindset aka as the Atlanticist Faith.

China and Russia will seal an agreement later this year on piped gas from Western Siberia, China’s foreign minister said on Sunday, a deal that will continue Russia’s economic shift towards Asia and away from Western Europe.

This is all to the advantage of China, that now can replace vulnerable overseas supply routes from the Middle-East, that can be interrupted by the US navy, by overland pipelines, leaving the unreliable supply from Muslim lands to the Euro-fools, ‘lead’ by the 1968-generation human rights trash a la Juncker, Merkel and Hollande. As the Middle-East descends ever more into chaos, these supplies become less certain with every passing day.

[] – China and Russia Set to Finalize Another Major Gas Deal


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