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This site not just follows events in the sphere of geopolitics and energy, but also openly promotes a Gaullist political model for Europe: Europe of the Fatherlands or Paris-Berlin-Moscow, that should replace the West after the end of American era. The West needs to be abolished and replaced by the North…


…that is a civilization with continental Europe as its political center of gravity plus middle-American territories and large parts of Canada.

Oh, and it is also the model for the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

As a consequence we reject the US aspirations of a global empire (“NWO”) under the leadership of Washington, because it would mean the end of European civilization and favor a multi-polar world instead. Once you have set your political goals, as a next step you need to identify the enemy, that is those who support the NWO, that is the Western media. One of the most sophisticated Western media outlets is the German der Spiegel. The idea is to regularly add pointers to articles with short comments, to expose the agenda of der Spiegel and the Western media in general. Der Spiegel is the vanguard of the next attempt to erect a new globalist=communist system, now centered around Washington instead of Moscow.

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[Die Frau, die Lenin einen Korb gab] 06-05-2015
The best way to show that der Spiegel is a communist newspaper is by verifying the way they treat the life of Vladimir Lenin: not a peep of criticism. Lenin was the leader of the most murderous political system that ever existed on the face of this earth, but that’s something that our self-styled humanism champ der Spiegel wants to ignore. After all, you can’t make an omelet without breaking an egg, now can you? Thank God, Russia is meanwhile liberated from the communist scourge and can be accepted as a great European nation, exactly as what Charles de Gaulle proposed. But now the US could be next on the target list of the global terrorists, supported by der Spiegel and the rest of the western press.

[Proteste gegen Polizei-Willkür] 29-04-2015
Der Spiegel tries to sell the looting orgy in Baltimore as ‘protests against police brutality’

[Das trügerische Vorbild Australien] 20-04-2015
Under a ‘humanitarian’ pretext tries der Spiegel to bring as many immigrants from Africa and the Middle East into Europe. In that it follows the orders of its US overlord to destroy the fabric of European societies in the best Marxist traditions. Der Spiegel refers to Australia, that did indeed manage to completely stop the influx of boat people, by simply intercepting them and bringing them back to where they came from. But der Spiegel claims that this can’t work for Europe, because, you see, what Australia does is not humanitarian enough. Der Spiegel and the rest of the media are our enemies, mouth pieces of US imperialism and left-overs from a time gone by.

[Auftritt bei Pegida: Vom Wilders verdreht] 14-04-2015
Der Spiegel reports about the speech Geert Wilders held yesterday in Dresden for Pegida supporters. Der Spiegel attacks Wilders, but not with brute force, by attempting to downplay the arguments made by Wilders. But in reality, Wilders and der Spiegel are not really enemies, both operate on behalf of the communist New World Order, a secular world, without nations and borders. Wilders attacks Islam and tries to demonize it and attempt to remove the belief system from the heads of the Muslims. Wilders is not really a Dutch nationalist, but a neocon in disguise. Both Wilders and der Spiegel operate in the interest of Washington. Our anti-NWO attitude is that we are not interested in a confrontation with Islam, we just want to keep it out; at home they can do what they want. We want a multi-polar world, where Europe and the Caliphate exist next and independent of each other. In that light it becomes understandable why we ‘secretly’ love ISIS. Because the more fundamentalist these people behave, the more difficult it becomes for our local commies to keep advocating that Europeans should mix with Muslims. Der Spiegel tries to downplay the level of ‘fundamentalism’, a lie. Read this to learn what Muslims living in western Europe really think.

[Athen beziffert deutsche Schuld auf 278 Milliarden Euro] 07-04-2015
Without a peep of protest, der Spiegel reports on Greek government claims to the tune of 278 billion euro ‘reparations’, related to WW2. Der Spiegel even goes so far to place a picture referring to a ‘massacre’ the Germans committed in Distomo, where 214 people were killed in retaliation for the Greek communists killing perhaps 10 Germans first, but that is always ignored. Interesting is that in recent elections , no less than 335 votes for Golden Dawn were counted in Distomo. could this be the key to the Distomo massacre, namely that in 1944, Greek communists selected Distomo to carry out the killing of the Germans, knowing full well that reprisal killings would hurt a ‘notoriously right wing’ village. Not everybody in Greece was a communist.
Again, here is described why Germany reluctantly invaded Greece, because it had no choice. What is always left out in modern history writing is that one month earlier, the British invaded Greece, making ‘Greek neutrality’ a joke and as such a legitimate target for German invasion. The reason for the British invasion near Thessaloniki was to bring the only source of German fuel, Ploesti, Romania, in the range of British bombers. If the Germans had not invaded, they would have lost this source of oil and the war. As a reminder, it was Britain that had declared war on Germany, not the other way around. [summary WW2]

[Fortress of Nationalism: Russia Is Losing Its Political Morals] 01-04-2015
Der Spiegel barks that “nationalism=losing political morals”. According to der Spiegel there is only one political morality and that is the New World Order, the world in the hands of the banksters of New York and London. Der Spiegel and all the other media promote the idea of 21st century communism: a world without nations, mixed populations and religions subservient to a secular state. Promoters of this idea: Washington, NYC, London, Tel Aviv, European Left and third world masses. Opponents: Russia and China, thank God, both nuclear armed to the teeth, the world of Islam (both flavors) and the rising European Right and American Constitutionalists (“Texas”).

[Politiker fordern Flüchtlingszentren in Nordafrika] 30-12-2014
As always, der Spiegel tries to sell the lie that the people, who attempt to cross the Mediterranean, are all ‘refugees’, fleeing from ‘war an persecution’, where in reality the vast majority consists of young men, who want to increase their income at the cost of the European taxpayer. Their contribution to European society is little to nothing and most of them end up in criminality and hand-outs. Der Spiegel goes so far to claim that mass-immigration doesn’t cost money at all. In contrast, in the Netherlands a researcher named Pieter Lakeman calculated in his book ‘Binnen zonder kloppen‘ (Entering without knocking, 1999) that the average working Dutchman needs to work one month per year to cover the cost of mass-immigration, due to 40% unemployment and 20% disability payments for Muslim immigrants (Moroccans and Turks).

[Kritik an Zuwanderung] 30-12-2014
Der Spiegel tries push increased immigration wherever it can and insinuates that immigration is is win-win situation on economic grounds.

[TV-Duell in Großbritannien: 1:0 für Paxo] 27-03-2015
Elections in the UK soon, so media duels between Cameron and Milliband. The winner, according to der Spiegel is interview Jeremy Paxman. If you don’t understand why der Spiegel is pushing Paxman, you don’t understand how the West operates since 1945.

“Stop Putin Now!”. War-mongering der Spiegel acting as a mouthpiece of the US State Department

“The arsonist”. Lefties doing what lefties always do: demonize, its their core business.

“World president”, you cannot get the NWO more in-your-face than this. All nations are equal, but some are more equal. The US is ‘exceptionalist’ and you better obey.

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