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Meet the Carver

Average occupation rate of your standard 5-seater clunker in Holland is 1.25, probably the same elsewhere, at least in the West. So why keep driving around with a sofa set if nobody is sitting in it anyway? Meet the Carver. In the back there is still plenty of room for at least a 0.25 passenger to sit as well. The result is the comfort of a car, but with greatly reduced fuel consumption because of the narrow profile and less weight.

Carver from ’s-Gravendeel, the Netherlands and went bust in 2009, because nobody was interested in a scooter-car priced 30,000 euro. But now a, surprise, surprise, big Chinese scooter producer Sunra (Xinri) has shown interest in the concept and will start selling the scooter-car later this year, on the Chinese market. Turnover expectations: 60,000-100,000/year. Price tag, a ridiculously low 3,800 euro.

[] – Carver
[] – Carver keert terug op de markt… in China
[] – Vandenbrink Design
[] – Vandenbrink Design

In San Francisco somebody picked up a similar concept in 2010, Lit Motors, albeit with gyroscope stabilizer added, eliminating the need for a third wheel.

[deepresource] – Lit Motors C1

Lit motors now finally seems to have a prototype that can drive, but production is nowhere in sight.


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