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Wallerstein on European-American Relations

We already had identified the prominent American Marxist sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein as a supporter of the Paris-Berlin-Moscow continental European grand alliance, supporter as in: predicting that it will happen. This is a video from 2009 and had escaped our attention. From 6:47 onwards he says that his theory is that in the long run the US would prefer to link with China, rather than with Europe.

Our position is that that could be indeed the case. After all, if the US could team up with the USSR in 1933 with a program to combined destroy and enslave continental Europe, there is no reason why the US couldn’t team up with China, but that is something we Europeans should try to avoid at all cost, as we don’t want another 1945; instead we want a reversal of 1776. The reason why the US teamed up with the USSR in the past and could team up with China in the future, is because the US for a century or more is no longer run by people of European descent, but by the enemies of Europe, who intentionally are busy to destroy the European character of North-America and its European colony and turn both into half third world territories.

Europeans must act like the British did over a century ago, if they want to survive as a European civilization. German unification occurred in 1871 and twenty years later the British went in the “Oh My God” mode of thinking and began to plot for WW1, with the aim to destroy Germany, in the hope it would bring them another British Century, like the 19th century had been British.

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Reserve currency as a good indicator who is top dog
Fate will apparently only let you be top dog for a century.
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It took them 23 years to get the alliances in place and the war started and eventually they succeeded in their war aim. The British were able to hide their intentions until the very last minute and continued to play nice with the Germans and pretended that they were willing to ‘mediate’ between France/Russia and Germany, where in reality it had been the perfidious British themselves who had been plotting for the war all along. They told the Germans they were neutral, giving the green light to the Germans to attack France first and a few days declare war against Germany anyway and Germany was trapped.

Europeans must act likewise: playing nice to Washington and in the mean time engage in secret diplomacy with the Chinese about how the world should look like after the end of the American era:


It is absolutely normal in world history that the #2 in the global pecking order (Greater Europe) and #3 (China) conspire together against the #1, with the aim to kick #1 a few rungs down the ladder, so #2 advances to pole position and #3 becomes #2. That’s what Britain did, when after 1891 it began to conspire with France and Russia against Germany and that is what the US and USSR did after 1933 against continental Europe.

We Europeans must think for the long term and realize that the West is the sarcophagus of European civilization because of its ruling cultural-Marxist multicultural ideology, imposed by the Straussians in Washington, the only serious enemy Europe has. At the same time it is very important aspect to consider that if you want to return to global prominence (and that is what we want, Wallerstein is correct in that we do not want to live that much longer in the shadow of America), you must realize that Paris-Berlin-Moscow could be the death trap of European civilization if it happens prematurely, because you automatically push America into the arms of China (Wallerstein’s scenario), just like currently Russia is pushed in the arms of China, thanks to the insane policies of the Straussians in Washington.

Every smart woman knows that it is not a good idea to file for divorce from a rich and once powerful man, who is lying on his deathbed and that it is far better to wait a little longer, sit it out, have an onion at hand to generate a tear or two, anticipate the funeral and shovel in the heritage (European America) once he dies, not a minute too early.

If you really want to be cynical, what a European should wish for is a war between the US and China, because that would eliminate any possibility of an American-Chinese alliance for the foreseeable future. That’s what the American and Soviet mode of thinking was when they deliberately pushed for the European war in 1939: the Americans had pushed the British and French in the fateful war guarantee for Poland and at the same time, the Soviets approached the Germans with a proposition for a non-aggression agreement, giving Hitler the illusion that he safely could come to the aid of his beleaguered and persecuted countrymen, forced to live in Versailles Poland, because in this way he could avoid a two-front war, or so he thought. Hitler crossed the border with Poland to solve a purely local conflict about Danzig, Corridor and status of Germans living in Poland, an action that in Nuremberg would be re-branded as “Germany starting WW2”, to cynically cover the real intentions of the Americans and Soviets (plus side-kick Churchill), who secretly were already in bed together since 1933.

What is the key to bring the Chinese over to our side? In 1914 the British had bought France into the anti-German coalition with the promise of Alsace-Lorraine and Russia with Constantinople/Bosporus. France would get its reward, Russia would get communism instead of ice-free access to the Seven Seas.

So how can China be bought into a anti-US coalition? Answer: Australia. We have reported earlier about the worries a very prominent senior politician, John Malcolm Fraser (84) had about the alliance Australia has with the US. Fraser is afraid that China could become embroiled with the US, that the US could lose (the US can’t even win from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia to name a few) and that the alliance with the US could become a pretext for China to occupy and take-over Australia, article here. In other words, China (1300 million) could easily double its territory, or should we naughtily say: Lebensraum? The only way to achieve that is via a conflict with the US. All it takes is European diplomats secretly passing the message to China that Europe won’t defend Australia, just like Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin exchanged messages before September 1, 1939, that they would be on each others side in the intended rape of Europe. Now it is payback time. As part of the British empire, Australia fought against continental Europe twice, both in WW1 and WW2, so no need for sentimentality. Besides, Europe does not have the means to defend Australia against China, not even if it wanted. If Dutch, British and other immigrants could move to Australia in the fifties, correctly anticipating a shortcut to a better life, they can do that again and move to North-America if they can’t stand the smell of rice [*].

Wallerstein does believe that the US will lose its hegemonic position after the coming financial crash and that’s what we believe as well. But the greatest difference is that Wallerstein, the good old Jewish commie that he is, does not believe in race/ethnicity as major political categories (majestically ignoring how the USSR, Yugoslavia, Czecho-Slovakia, Iraq and now Ukraine came to an end over the past 23 years) and therefore can’t imagine that the US could fall apart. We in contrast believe that the demise of white America will precisely be the reason why the US will fall apart, although it is very difficult to accurately predict the timing. Our European strategy must be to do nothing substantial on the geopolitical front until America begins to fold. Breaking with the United States is not an option, in contrast to what Wallerstein suggests (but perhaps Wallerstein does not have the best European interest in mind). Why should we? In North-America there are still ca. 240 million people of European descent. Why should we make an adversary out of them if we can turn a substantial part of them into a sovereign junior partner of Paris-Berlin-Moscow? European-Americans are not the problem, the US leadership is. What Europe should do when the opportunity arises is to take the lead in the creation of a sort of ‘European Commonwealth’ and simply push away those American territories that don’t have a clear European majority, like the Latino-majority states in the US South-West, resulting in yet another white flight from these territories into ‘fly over country’. That should result in a quartering of the US: Mexican majority territories back into Mexico, East Coast, West Coast (two new ‘Brasils’) and finally a wide corridor, ranging from the Gulf of Mexico, all the way to the Arctic, a territory, sneeringly described by James Howard Kunster as “where Dolly Parton meets Hitler” (Kunstler also assumes a partitioning of America). The latter part, Europe should help creating, if necessary militarily and give Washington the Berlin-1945 treatment, together with constitutionalist American insurgents.

American Lech Walesa, Havel, Milosevic?

The partitioning of America, making America effectively neutral, would be sufficient in itself, an alliance with a European majority in North-America of say 150 million is a ‘nice to have’. But Paris-Berlin-Moscow of 700 million should alone have sufficient gravitas to defend itself and balance/contain China.

The greatest European strength in comparison with America is that the latter is much further down the road of multicultural destruction. Europe is, say 15-20 years ‘behind’. According to Paul Craig Roberts, the US will be a third world country by 2024. Another conservative, Pat Buchanan, also thinks that the US could fall apart by 2025. Let it fall apart, the sooner, the better. America in its present shape is gone, good riddance.

[*] the writer of these words is a Dutch Saxon, with five centuries of unbroken Dutch-Protestant heritage in his DNA, a fact that is still responsible for far easier communication with British, Americans and Canadians than with say Catholic, Dutch speaking Flemish people. Holland, not Britain is the Genesis of Anglosphere, a historic fact we will elaborate later on. So why this seemingly ‘betrayal’ of Anglosphere? Because Europe is decisive for the future of the white race, not Anglosphere, that over the past 100 years has acted on behalf of the enemies of Europe. The survival of Europe is also important for those Anglos, who still identify themselves with their own race and civilization. Anglosphere represents a group of conquered people, who are being used to conquer the world in the interest of another group of people, let’s call them bankers, who are deeply hostile to European civilization and would like to see it destroyed (via multiculturalism). And as long as the Anglos continue to let themselves being used for this purpose, we continental Europeans can’t have their best interest at heart. As a consequence of ‘modern values’, the European race has become a dying race. If you want to change that, you have to kill modernity and help topple Anglosphere, the original promoter of these values. China and Russia won’t require us to commit suicide, but America does. That’s why America and the rest of Anglosphere needs to go, meaning toppled from pole position. If Anglos are lucky, a part of them, those who can carry their own weight, will end up in Eurosphere. If not, enjoy the Gulag.

The world according to George Orwell, “1984”. Orwell believes in Paris-Berlin-Moscow, China and the Caliphate and so do we. And Orwell believes in a totalitarian Oceania (pink), that’s you, Anglosphere. If the Gulag could happen to Russians, it can certainly happen to Americans, who have a weaker sense of identity than Russians. Commie Wallerstein and his ilk obviously want an alliance between Oceania and China, we Europeans in contrast want Eurosphere. The sacrifice of Australia could be the decisive factor in bringing that alternative world about.


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