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Potential For Large Decrease CO2 Emission in Germany

braunkohl[source] Braunkohlekraftwerk Niederaußem des Energieversorgers RWE. dpa

Energy consultant Energy Brainpool has conducted a study, paid by Greenpeace, showing that it is possible to immediately switch off no less than 36 lignite fueled power stations (15 GW) with hardly any consequences at all, other than saving 70 million ton CO2/year. Cleaner electricity could be bought elsewhere in Europe and electricity prices would merely increase with 0.6 cent/kWh (24 euro/household/year). The study does recommend to keep a number of these power stations in a ‘strategic reserve’, so they can be switched on again in case of a supply bottleneck.

[] – 36 Kohlemeiler könnten auf einen Schlag vom Netz

[source] Braunkohlekraftwerk Niederaußem near Cologne


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