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EU To US: Give Us Your Gas

Potentially catastrophic European fuel supply situation. Ellipse shows where 74% of the world’s oil and 70% of the gas is. China acquired Pakistan as a client state recently and virtually borders the Middle East now. The Middle East is sinking into chaos, thanks to US interventions and Europe chooses to pick a fight with Russia on orders of Washington. It won’t be long until the European population will be forced to intervene against the leftist establishment on the very moment when Europe will be cut off from all fossil fuel supply. This could hurt a little.

You really have to despair at the quality of what in Europe passes as energy consultant these days. Where 5 minutes of browsing at this site suffices to know that the US simply doesn’t have enough local gas production to supply itself for years to come…


…Europe nevertheless insists that the US should deliver. The US of course refuses, because they don’t have the gas, but instead proposes to frack the European soil instead. The Euro snobs, who apparently couldn’t care less about US soil, insist that Europe basically is too good to be fracked (a notion with which we agree), so the EU-US natural gas dispute is in a stalemate.

One could of course suggest that there is enough Russian gas and oil for Europe to be supplied in the traditional way, but leftist Europeans in charge always do what Uncle Sam orders. After all, the very fact that the Russians agreed to let East-Germans return to Germany after 1989, is not good enough a reason for Russian Crimeans to return to Russia. Because, you see, the Americans are exceptional and need to give permission first and European lefties agree with that notion. The consequence of this all could be that the fuel-starved European economy is going to crash, if these pro-American and anti-Russian attitudes will remain in place.

They won’t.

[] – EU Wants Rapid Access to US Gas Fracking


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