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Business idea: privately owned cars aren’t used most of the time. Average annual distance traveled by car in Holland: ca. 13,000 km. Assuming an average speed of 60 kmh, implies ca. 200 driving hours per year of 8760 hours, or 2% of the time. Compare that with commercially operated buses, trains and planes, that are on the move as often as they can. Why not apply this economic principle to privately owned cars as well? SnappCar is an organisation that wants to match supply and demand for passenger cars and provide an insurance scheme. This potentially could eliminate the need for expensive personal car ownership for many and at the same time lower the cost of car ownership for those who still prefer to have one. Transaction mediation works via mobile devices. Renting a ‘Snappcar’ is much cheaper than renting a car traditionally via the likes of Sixt, Hertz, Avis, etc. The end goal is realizing the same cumulative mileage with less cars and hence less embedded energy required to build your car fleet. This business model could become very big once Western society will crash and large number of people no longer can afford car ownership, but nevertheless want to stay mobile to some extent.

We downloaded the SnappCar app and browsed a little and found offers as low as 20 euro per day, 100 km free.

[] – Hoe SnappCar autodelen groot maakt

Some figures:
– 20% of the private car owners can imagine to rent his car to others.
– monthly growth rate: 15%
– current monthly transactions: 1500
– available cars: 7000
– platform members: 33,000
– SnappCar fee: 10 euro + 2,50 transaction cost
– Participating insurance company: Centraal Beheer Achmea
– Apple mobile device app: SnappCar
– Registration: upload copy ID and drivers license
– Innovation: introduction of SnappKit, eliminating the need to personally hand-over car keys and instead work with email sent pin code.
– SnappCar crowd funding effort result: € 558.625 (in 8 weeks)



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