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Join the War on Lawns


Begin to prep now, avoid the rush later. Get rid of your lawn and grow your own food and store what you can’t consume immediately in the freezer. The latest three star freezers consume merely ca. 200 kWh/year, which can be generated using a single standard 165 cm * 100 cm 235 euro solar panel under grey Dutch conditions (using the grid to even out fluctuations).

Extra bonus: you can cancel that silly workout subscription as well as the ride to the gym and stop wasting physical energy there on a bike or on a treadmill. A garden will give you all the physical exercise you need.

Key figures: 1-4 kilo/m2 per harvest. Often you can harvest twice in a season. Assuming a daily need of 400 gram vegetables/fruit/potatoes, you can largely be self-sufficient with 40 m2/person.

[] – Trade Your Lawn for an Antifragile Food-generation Machine

[] – Peak Oil luminary James Howard Kunster giving the good example with his own veggie garden.

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