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Arctic Methane Emergency

Published March 22, 2015

Global warming is causing CO2 levels to hit 400 ppm, a level humans have never seen. Droughts are spreading and Miami is reporting that the ocean is backing up in the drains.

With all of the global warming a new threat has emerged, the release of methane gas, trapped in methane hydrates on ocean floors. It’s release is often referred to as the ‘methane bomb’.

The last time a ‘methane bomb’ went off on earth, 80% of life on earth vanished (about 250 million years ago).

There are only two ways to curtail such an event that I know of:

1. Plant trees, a lot of trees, especially in the melting permafrost.

2. A not so nice scenario: nuke a volcano which would spread dust in the upper atmosphere, thereby cooling off the earth enough to halt the release of methane hydrates. it is inherently dangerous to do so though. It could cause an ice age, the alternative is, of course, to fry.


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