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Chevrolet Bolt EV

Range: 200 miles on a single charge
Cost: $37,500 (or $30,000 after tax breaks)

Editor: very expensive and the electricity needed to drive them doesn’t grow on trees, but in practice will be generated by fossil fuel in conventional power stations for many years to come, not by wind and solar.

Driving a car costs 1 kWh per 5 km. That amount of energy is enough to power a desktop computer + screen for an entire 8 hour working day. In Holland for instance, the average car commuting distance is something like 22 km or 44 km to and fro (9 kWh). In other words, if office workers would work from home, using their internet connection and Skype for communication and meetings, they would save a huge amount of energy and the need for car ownership would evaporate. Irregular car use could be satisfied using community or rented cars.

[] – GM’s 200-Mile Range Chevrolet Bolt EV Prototypes Hit The Road, Target Tesla Model III

fiat-panda-gasFor Europeans it makes much more sense to drive a Fiat Panda on natural gas as your last privately owned car. Range on natural gas is also 200 miles (300 km), but you can fall back on petrol (additional range 700 km), if you can’t find a natural gas station. Cost: 13,500 euro; that’s about half the cost of the Chevrolet Bolt EV. Fuel cost is very low: 1 euro/kg (= 25 km). And with CO2 emission of 29g/km even cleaner than a ‘clean’ e-vehicle, that outsources pollution to the power station.

[] – Fiat Panda (aardgas)
[] – Why CNG?

But why are we still muddling on with this outdated concept of a 5-seater sedan if the average occupation rate is 1.25 passengers?!


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