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Denmark – 116% Electricity Demand Met by Wind

denmark-wind[source] Denmark: 75% onshore, 25% offshore
Last Thursday the wind conditions in Denmark were such that 116% of the wind energy demand could be met in the evening.


Denmark’s wind energy infrastructure wasn’t even producing (3.77GW) what it could (4.8GW). Excess electricity was exported to Germany, Sweden and Norway.

Denmark aims to generate 50% of its electricity needs by 2020, but could reach that target even earlier: installation of new capacity adds 18% per year.

Editor: other countries like Sweden, Norway and Canada have even higher rates of renewable energy production, but they achieved that with relative easy means: hydro-power thanks to mountainous terrain, where Denmark is completely flat. Denmark is one of the most successful implementer’s of renewable energy in the world.

[] – Wind power generates 140% of Denmark’s electricity demand

[] – live, minute-to-minute electricity situation in Denmark


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