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Russia Poised to Dominate Global Platinum Market?


In the world of the future real tangible assets will likely be more important than paper IOY’s, certainly during the years after the coming ‘Big Reset‘ or the ‘Mother of all Defaults’ [*]. Russia is making big moves into African mining:

Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Georgy Kalamanov said live from Harare that a new $3 billion platinum complex is going “according to schedule.” With the Deputy Minister noting that Phase I of the project–which includes mines and processing facilities–is just “a first step” for Russia.

world-platinumLocation platinum deposits

RT chimes in by reporting:

According to the US Geological Survey, Russia produced 25,000 kilograms of platinum in 2014. Zimbabwe produced 11,000 kilos last year, outpacing the combined production of the US and Canada. The global leader is South Africa with 110,000 kg.

Russia controls about 30 percent of global platinum and palladium output, according to OilPrice.

In a world where words still have meaning this means that South-Africa will continue to be the global leader in platinum production, with Russia a good 2nd with 25% of the world’s output.

You can safely leave it to the Boer Republic (“Boer” is Dutch for farmer) and descendants of the Dutch to know where to find and exploit precious metals. 😉

[] – Russia Could Gain A Stranglehold On This Market
[] – Platinum

[*] – the expression ‘Mother of …’ is the main legacy, the fine Iraqi dictator Saddam of former fame, left to the world. He may be dead, but he probably drew US power with him into the grave. It is a bit like with Hitler and Britain:

londinistanLondon 2015. Hitler’s revenge.

Vostochny Cosmodrome


Currently Russia is the country with the largest space exploration ambitions on the planet. In order to reduce dependency on the Baikonur Cosmodrome (46th parallel north) in Kazakhstan, since 1991 and independent country, Russia is building the Vostochny Cosmodrome (51st parallel north) located in the Far East. It is one of the largest Russian infrastructure projects, initiated in 2010 and completion is expected in 2018. However the first launches are scheduled before that date, including that of the new Angara rocket.


With the new Cosmodrome, Russia would save an annual $115 million in rent to the Kazahk government. The other Russian Cosmodrome, Plesetsk, is located near Archangelsk near Finland, 62nd parallel north.

cos3[source] Launch pad Soyuz rocket, Vostochny July 2014.


[] – Vostochny Cosmodrome
[] – Russischer Weltraumbahnhof: Putins größte Baustelle

Stratos II Launch Succesful

Last week a group of students of the Delft University in the Netherlands successfully launched a rocket from the southern coast of Spain and reached an altitude of 21.5 km, a world student record. The aim is 100 km, the so-called Kármán line. Work on the Stratos III is already underway.

[] – Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering

[] – Amateur rocketry
[] – Civilian Space eXploration Team
World record:

On May 17, 2004, Civilian Space eXploration Team (CSXT, US) successfully achieved the first officially verified flight of an amateur high-power rocket into space, achieving an altitude of 72 miles (115 km).

E-Raw & Juicer Retro Design E-Bikes

[] – Elektro-Zweirad-Studien: Die große Freiheit
[] – e-raw electric moto



Solar Challenge 2015

[] – World Solar Challenge

[] – Results “Challenger Class”:

1. Netherlands Delft University [video]
2. Netherlands Twente University [video]
3. Japan Tokai University [video]

[] – Results “Cruiser Class”

1. Japan Kogakuin University [video]
2. Netherlands Eindhoven University [video]
3. Australia University of New South Wales [video]

Peak Oil Infographic



Wisdom from the East? Not really, they are repeating all the mistakes the West made. The entire world wants to copy the West, that isn’t too wise either, but at least understands best that the situation is untenable.

[] – Carmageddon: This Is What 750 Million Chinese Hitting The Road Looks Like


Charging While Driving


[] – The UK is testing out roads that charge electric cars as they go

Wind Towers Scotland Production Process

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