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The Case For Peak Oil (Now)

JODI-World-TotalThis is it? Peak oil 2015?

After kjell Aleklett yet another voice who claims that ‘peak oil’ (=point in time where the world’s oil production will reach a historic maximum) is now. World oil production increased over the last two years thanks to shale oil production. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Russia, USA and Canada were mostly responsible for the production increase over the past ten years.

Big-5Big five

The rest combines it 5 million barrel/day less since 2005:


The author concludes:

I am more convinced than ever that 2015 will be the final peak in world oil production. And we may know well before a lot of people realize.

[] – The Case For Peak Oil, by Ron Patterson
[deepresource] – Kjell Aleklett Update: Peak Oil = 2015-2016


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