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Matt Ridley on Global Warming vs Global Greening

Matt Ridley lecture for the Royal Society of London. Topic “Global Lukewarming”. Ridley admits btw that he has financial interests in coal. Ridley admits that global warming is a fact but challenges that catastrophic significance of the phenomenon. Claims that simulation models exaggerate global warming and that there was merely 0.5 degree Celsius global warming in half a century and that real catastrophic climate change is at least a century from now.

Interesting is the remark that the correlation between the level of CO2 and corresponding global warming is of a logarithmic nature and per definition can’t cause severe global warming and that in order for 1 degree Celsius increase to materialize, you need a doubling of the CO2 level, implying that the worst temperature increase is already behind us.

Ridley begins his talk by remarking that there is a huge advantage to increased CO2 levels, namely the greening of the earth as extra CO2 functions as a fertilizer.

Ridley does acknowledge that real environmental problems do exist: over-fishing, ocean acidification, hunting, deforestation.

[] – Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds

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