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Utility Scale Dutch Community Wind


The 20 year old Zeewolde onshore windfarm located in Flevoland, the Netherlands is approaching end-of-life and will be “repowered”: 200 old smaller, technically outdated 850 kW wind turbines, replaced by 93 larger modern ones of 3.5 MW, increasing electricity production 2.5-fold. Price tag: 400 million euro. Required are 80 million euro to leverage the remaining 320 million in bank loans. The old wind park is owned by ca. 200 private citizens, many of them boeren (farmers).

What is unique about the new project is that a new financial participation model will be applied as well as the huge scale (93 turbines, producing 350 MW). A new wind cooperation called De Nieuwe Molenaars (the New Windmillers) was established earlier this year and 50 citizens joined from the start; the organization aims for at least further 1000 private participants. Scheduled delivery date windfarm 2019, production in 2020. Locals will be allowed to participate first. Estimates are that wind parks up to 1000 MW can be financed this way.

[] – Biggest Dutch onshore wind farm to be community owned
[] – REScoop paves the way for Europe’s largest community energy wind farm
[] – De Nieuwe Molenaars
[Google Maps] – Location, Gruttoweg, Zeewolde

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