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Floating Solar in China


An artificial lake located near Huainan, Anhui, China, was used to install 40 MW worth of floating solar panels. The lake was a result of abandoned coal mining activities in the past. Advantages floating solar: cooling of the panels, no land use, which is important for overcrowded countries like China.

[] – World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant Opens in China
[Google Maps] – Huainan, Anhui, China

10 KW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, Savonius type

This vertical axis wind turbine structure of a helical Savonius type wind turbine. This is first own design in the world’s wind generator for the first and only in this concept. The turbine type is determined by the ideal where the annual average wind speed is low and application areas where space is limited by calculating the appropriate length and width of the turbine
Advantages of Wind Turbine.

• During operation, no sound and the noise.
• To take up less space vertically positioned, easily placed on roofs and gardens.
• Turbine structure is made of stainless steel with a lifetime guarantee and is highly durable.
• High wind speeds will continue to produce electricity even , horizontal turbines from 25 to 45 m / s is higher than the speed automatically to protect itself and generates electricity.
• No affected by sudden changes in wind direction – from all sides will use the wind to generate electricity.
• Electro – Series can be connected Wind , an apartment building , hotel or a factory that can produce enough electricity to meet the electricity needs.

[] –
[] – Savonius wind turbine

DeepOcean Maersk Connector Offshore Cable

The Maersk Connector is the next generation power cable installation vessel, specifically designed to transport and install large volumes of HVAC and HVDC power cable via its on-board 7000Te split capacity capacity duel concentric carousel. The vessel is available for the offshore interconnector and export cable markets, but can also work to the high standards demanded by the North Sea Oil and Gas Industry.

[] – Maersk Connector
[] – DeepOcean Takes Over Maersk Connector

Anholt Offshore Wind Farm Denmark

Largest offshore wind park in Denmark and third largest in the world.
Turbines: 111 Siemens SWT-3.6-120
Commission date: September 2013
Water depth: 14-17 m
Capacity factor: 48.7%
Power: 400 MW

[] – Anholt Offshore Wind Farm


Musselroe Wind Farm Tasmania

Configuration: 56 Vestas V90-3MW wind turbines, with a generating capacity of 168 MW. Commission date 2014.

[] – Musselroe Wind Farm
[Google Maps] – Location Musselroe wind farm
[] – Abel Tasman

Abel Tasman

Sustainable Energy in China

[] – Full documentary (paywall)

Pililla Rizal Wind Farm in the Philippines

Commission date: 2016
Wind turbines: 27
Power: 54 MW
Cost: $178 million

[] – Pililla Wind Farm
[Google Maps] – Pililla, Rizal, the Philippines

New Record Siemens Electric Airplane

Speed record for an electric aircraft. Motor 50 kg and 260 kW, plane weight 1 ton. Top speed 340 kmh, flying a distance of 3 km on March 24, earlier this year.
Electric flying can be done more energy efficient than with flying on fuel.
Siemens believes that hybrid-technology offers the most promise: fuel for climbing and electricity for cruising. Siemens is cooperating with Airbus to get a proof of concept for a hybrid aircraft by 2020 for the short range: 100 passengers 1,000 km.

[] – World-record electric motor for aircraft sets new records
[] – Electric Flight Takes Off
[] – Electric flight: turning the dream into a reality

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The Seven Brothers – Europe Taking Lead in US Offshore

Click for very large photo

The outgoing oil age was dominated by the so-called Seven Sisters, the giant Anglo [*] oil companies Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (now BP), Gulf Oil (later part of Chevron), Royal Dutch Shell, Standard Oil Company of California (SoCal, now Chevron), Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (Esso, later Exxon), Standard Oil Company of New York (Socony, later Mobil, now part of ExxonMobil), Texaco (later merged into Chevron).

[*] – if we categorize the Dutch as “Anglo-Germans”.

[] – Seven Sisters (oil companies)

It looks like wind is going to play a major role in the energy generation of the 21st century, taking over from 20th century oil and that this time the rising industry will be dominated by European firms:

[deepresource] – Ten Largest Wind Turbines To Date
[deepresource] – The Giants of a New Energy Age

  • The 17th century was dominated by Dutch wind and Holland was the dominant power.
  • The 19th century was dominated by British coal and Britain was the dominant power.
  • The 20th century was dominated by American oil and America was the dominant power.
  • The 21st century… ah well, you get the message.

[] – U.S. Offshore Wind Poised to Boom — for Europeans
[] – The US gets its first offshore wind farm, with a lot of help from Europe

Thorium Future Promotion

Nuclear energy has a terrible image problem world-wide, certainly after Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, with perhaps more to come. Scientists have always pointed out that there is an alternative nuclear possibility, parallel to uranium and plutonium: thorium, with less or absent negative consequences.

[] – Tech Developed During the Cold War Could Give Us Clean Power for Millions of Years

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