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Nuon Dismantles Offshore Wind Farm in the Netherlands

No this is not the beginning of the end of offshore wind energy, it is merely a sign of the wind energy sector achieving maturity. After 22 years of service these four wind turbines of 0.5 MW each with sub-optimal 2-blades, located in Medemblik in the North-West of the Netherlands had reached economic end of life [*]. Youtube text:

Nuon has dismantled four offshore wind turbines with a total capacity of 2 MW at the Lely wind farm in Ijsselmeer, some 600 metres off the port of Medemblik. The wind farm has been in service for 22 years and is the first offshore wind farm operated by Nuon to be decommissioned and dismantled. Nuon decided to decommission the wind farm as it was approaching the end of its operating life and was becoming less profitable. Watch the time lapse video of the dismantling which was completed in three weeks.

New massive wind-parks are planned/realized for the neighboring Wieringermeer:

[*] The real reason was slightly less flattering: the rotor axis of one of the turbines had broken off (“end of life”). Of course the axis could have been replaced and the turbines could have continued to function for a century or more, just like the many up to 6 centuries old wind mills the Netherlands has. But Nuon apparently preferred to install new modern turbines with a 10-times higher capacity and used the occasion to write them off.

[] – Windmolen verliest wieken bij Medemblik, boten moeten omvaren

Windenergy in Medemblik since 1695

[Medemblik pictures]
[Hoorn pictures]
[Hoorn-Medemblik Steamtram]


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