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Land Life Company – Desert Reforestation With a Cocoon

2 billion hectare, that’s 20 million km2 or twice the US or 2/3 of Africa or more than Russia including Siberia. Currently the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is 2.13 billion ton, in the ocean it is 38 billion ton. The carbon ratio atmosphere/vegetation is 750/560. Regarding vegetation, most carbon is stored in trees. In other words, if 20 million km2 vegetation could be added to the planet, this would significantly reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

[] – Land Life Company, restoring ecosystems
[] – Land Life Company

[] – Land Life Company krijgt 2,4 miljoen om nóg meer bomen te planten

The company has collected 2.4 million euro internationally to expand its tree planting business. The biodegradable donut contains 25 liter of water, of which half a cup per day is fed via (capillary) “fuses” to the plant. For a few months the box is a “lifeline” for the plant, after that the plant is on its own. The trick is to plant a few thousand trees that form a “community” that offers shelter to each other. In 2016 50,000 trees were planted, this year it should be several hundreds of thousand. The aim is for hundreds of millions. Expansion of production in Mexico and China is planned, where currently all boxes are manufactured in Germany. Local production is desired though. Price cocoon 8 euro and decreasing. After two years the box is gone. A lot of volunteers use the cocoon from an idealistic motivation. Next three “Central Park sized” projects underway in Mexico, Spain and California. So far 2 billion hectare degraded land (US + China together), with one Greece added to that amount every year, but that can be upgraded again.

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