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US Withdraws from Paris Agreement on Climate Change

US president Trump has announced yesterday that he will withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate agreement. European leaders immediately condemned the move and excluded the possibility of renegotiation.

[] – Paris Agreement
[] – Paris kann nicht neu verhandelt werden

Share CO2 emissions:

Country Global % CO2 Population in million
China 29.5 1350
USA 14.3 330
EU 9.6 500
India 6.8 1500
Russia 4.9 150


Interesting to note how comparatively little energy the EU needs to generate a GDP comparable to that of the US and China and generate the following external exports (not counting inner trade):

Entity Export in trillion $
EU 2.7
China 2.0
USA 1.5


Entity GDP (nominal) trillion $ (UN)
USA 18.0
EU 16.8
China 11.2


Entity GDP (PPP) in trillion $ (CIA)
China 21.3
EU 19.2
USA 18.6


The decision by Trump to cling on to fossil technologies, gives Europe the excellent opportunity to get a decisive head start over the US in all matters of energy production of the 21st century, with large geopolitical repercussions.

[source] CO2 emissions for three years flat now.


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