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Suitable Offshore Wind Locations

Offshore wind has numerous advantages over onshore wind: higher wind speeds, easy and rapid installation once you have the proper seajack equipment, no problems with ‘not-in-my-backyard’ activists, no sacrifice of valuable land, no ‘horizon pollution’, spectacular price decay, sheer limitless potential. Below an overview of projects at an advanced planning stage.


Dutch offshore plans, more than 17 GW, the real potential is far larger. Currently 4.45 GW offshore are realized c.q. planned to be built before 2023

[source] Dutch offshore tenders

Dutch parliamentarians call for more ambitious 2023 target (up to 11 GW)

[] – Dutch MPs Call For Extension of 2023 Offshore Wind Capacity Target


United Kingdom

[source] British plans for offshore wind
[] – List of offshore wind farms in the UK


[source] German Exclusive Economic Zone


[source] Danish potential offshore sites


[source] Belgium offshore plans. Operational: C-Power, Belwind and Northwind

[source] Belgium offshore tenders


[source] Due to its long coastlines, France is said to have the 2nd largest potential in Europe after the UK, although nothing is operational yet. The plan is 6 GW by 2020. Under development 2 GW: Saint-Nazaire, 480MW Courseulles-sur-Mer, 450MW Fécamp, 498MW Saint Brieuc, 500MW. France is eyeing floating wind turbine technology.

United States


New York

[source] New York unveiled a blueprint recently. Max potential 39 GW


[source] New 2 GW Gippsland coast offshore proposal

[Google Maps] – Yarram, Gippsland, Australia


[source] Bathymetric map of Gulf of Thailand.
Offshore wind potential 7 GW.

Dark green = 3.0-3.5 m/s, yellow = 5.5-6.0 m/s, orange = 6.0-6.5 m/s. Windspeeds are not very high.

[] – Gulf of Thailand
[] – Gulf of Thailand Could Host 7GW of Offshore Wind Power
[] – Offshore wind resource assessment of the Gulf of Thailand
[] – Offshore wind power potential of the Gulf of Thailand
[] – Wind power and its potential in Thailand


Potential Taiwan Strait: feasible 15 GW, potential 147 GW. The Strait has one of the best shallow water wind resources in the world with average windspeeds of 12 m/s. No offshore wind farms yet.

[] – Policy and Promotion of Offshore Wind Power in Taiwan
[] – Global offshore wind speeds rankings
[] – Continued growth creates Taiwanese offshore wind adventure
[] – Renewable energy in Taiwan
[] – The offshore wind sector in Taiwan



As of end 2016, China has 1.6 GW offshore wind power installed, modest compared to the impressive 161 GW onshore.

[] – China’s offshore wind power plans lag, 2020 target under threat
[] – China Can Expect a Surge in Offshore Wind Farms
[] – Dutch Explore Chinese Offshore Wind Potential
[] – Dutch efforts to market their maritime expertise in China [ppt]



















[] – Feasibility study of offshore wind turbine installation in Iran


Persian Gulf







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