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Floating Wind Turbines

For shallow waters like in the North Sea, fixed monopile-based wind turbines are preferred. But for deeper waters this option doesn’t exist. Nevertheless there are very lucrative wind locations, for instance between Britain and Norway or West of Ireland in the Atlantic and that’s just Europe. With floating wind turbines these wind resources can be utilized as well.

Currently many floating wind turbine projects are in the pipeline:

Floating Wind Projects

Project name Capacity Country Expected commissioning date
Hywind Scotland 30 MW Scotland 2017
Kincardine 48 MW Scotland From 2018
Dounreay Tri 2 x 5 MW Scotland 2018
WindFloat Atlantic 30 MW Portugal 2018-2019
French pre-commercial farms 4 x 25 MW France 2020
Atlantis/Ideol project 100 MW UK 2021
Gaelectic 30 MW Ireland 2021

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[] – Floating Offshore Wind Vision Statement (pdf, June 2017)
[] – Floating wind turbine


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