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TU-Eindhoven Presents Stella Vie

The Technical University Eindhoven in the Netherlands (and alma mater of yours faithfully) has played a prominent role in designing solar cars and scoring successes in participating in the World Solar Challenge in Australia. This week Solar Team Eindhoven presented its new model the Stella Vie, for the 2017 edition of World Solar Challenge (8-15 October), an event Eindhoven won twice before. This is the third Stella, after the 2015-Stella Lux and 2013-Stella.

Stella Vie:
Range, on a Dutch sunny day: 1000 km
Max. speed: 130 kmh
Motor in the wheels
Motivation: fighting climate change

[source] – World Solar Challenge, a race between solar powered cars through the Australian Outback.

Participants Solar Challenge 2017, ranked after historic performance:

Solar Team Eindhoven – 1st 2013, 1st 2015 (cruiser)
Nuon Solar Team – 1st 2015 (challenger)
Solar Team Twente – 2nd 2015 (challenger)

Kogakuin University – 2nd 2015 (cruiser)

Bochum University of Applied Sciences – 3rd 2015 (cruiser)

Punch Powertrain Solar Team – 5th in 2015 (challenger)

Stanford Solar Car Project – 6th 2015 (challenger)
Principia Solar Car Team – 17th 2015 (challenger)
University of Michigan – 4th 2015 (challenger)
University of Minnesota – 5th 2015 (cruiser)

Kaohsiung / Apollo – 6th 2013 (cruiser)

Hong Kong:
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education – completed 2015

Australian National University – new team

June 2017 presentation of the Stella View.

The 2015 model Stella Lux and #1 in the WSC, here during a presentation in Shanghai, China.

The 2013 model Stella underway to win the World Solar Challenge in Australia.

The Stella underway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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[] – The new solar powered car by the University of Eindhoven; Stella Vie

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