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Climate Activists Block Coal Transhipment in Amsterdam Harbor

A group of climate activists named “Code Rood” (“Code Red”) has infiltrated the grounds of the OBA company in Amsterdam to protest the unrestricted use of coal. Amsterdam is the world’s largest petrol and Europe’s second coal harbor. “Code Rood” justified its actions by pointing at a judicial decision of two years ago stating the government is responsible of protecting its citizens against climate change (“Urgenda case”).

According to “Code Rood” nothing has happened since.

The Urgenda Foundation pushes for The Netherlands fossil free as early as 2030, not the EU goal of 2050.

[] – Urgenda Foundation
[deepresource] – Netherlands Sustainable by 2030
[] – Klimaatactivisten leggen kolenoverslag in Amsterdamse haven stil

[] – OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam
[Google Maps] – OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam


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