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‘Finger in the Dike’ Latest – Holland Struggles With Rising Sea Levels

“The beauty of waterland”. Drone pictures of Uitdam, 12 km north of Amsterdam. Note at [1:32] that the water level on the right side of the dike is higher than the houses on the left side of the dike.

Sigh of relief in Uitdam, the Netherlands. A commission has deemed it unnecessary to tear down the old picturesque dike in order to replace it with something more solid.

Yet, the entire dike between Hoorn and Durgerdam, protecting 1.2 million citizens, has been rejected from a safety point of view and will need to be reinforced. The people of Uitdam have demanded that this will not come at the cost of the village scenery. Price tag: twice as high as in the earlier plans. To be continued.

[Google Maps] – Uitdam
[] – De Markermeerdijk bij Uitdam hoeft niet te worden verplaatst.

[source] Hansje Brinker’s children’s tale


[] – Hans Brinker, or The Silver Skates


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