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Geothermal Energy in The Netherlands

49 companies in the vegetable, plant and flower-growing industry in the Westland area in The Netherlands are drilling for geothermal energy to a depth of four kilometres. The actual first drilling is to be started during Q4-2017 and will last 100 days, just like the second drilling. Activities are mainly carried out by VB Geo Projects, KCA Deutag and Schlumberger. Production of warm water is expected to begin in the Summer of 2018. Record drilling depth so far in The Netherlands was 2.5 km. The 49 participating companies have committed themselves to be the customers of the produced warm water.

[] – Rapid development of geothermal energy in The Netherlands
[] – Project site
[] – Westland (Nederlandse streek)
[] – Trias Westland kan van start
[] – Officiële start geothermieproject Trias Westland

The remarkable growth of geothermal energy in The Netherlands has everything to do with the presence of large-scale greenhouse agriculture, an ideal application for geothermal energy.

[source] “Glazen Stad” (Glass Town). the endless green houses behind the dikes and between Rotterdam and The Hague.


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