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Electric Flying

Siemens-330LE able to tow a glider into the air

[] – Plane presentation Paris air show
[] – List of electric aircraft
[] – Video provided “top ten”. Only real flying, people carrying, models are referenced here.

[] – Airbus E-Fan

Munich/Germany-based startup. Flying car concept, vertical take-off. Range 190 miles.

[] – Lilium company site
[] – Lilium’s funky ‘jet’ could make our dreams of flying cars come true

First solar-powered plane to fly around the globe. Swiss project.

[] – Solar Impulse

Siemens E-Fusion. Recharge in 5 minutes.

[] – Siemens E-Fusion

E-Genius. Development University of Stuttgart, Germany. Here flying over the Alps from Stuttgart to Italy, reaching 4000m. Return flight 365 km. Energy consumption: 83 kWh or 21€ for the whole trip. Try that with your Volkswagen Golf. Electric flying will cost per mile up to 10 times less than flying on petrol.

[Google Maps] – Trajectory Stuttgart, Germany-Calcinate del Pesce, Varese, VA, Italy
[] – E-Genius

Slovenian plane from 2015. Price: 69,000 euro. Motor weighs 11 kg. Range: one hour or 117 miles.

[] – Alpha Electro

Plane from Denver, Colorado. Flying costs $1,-/hour.

[] – Aero Electric Sun Flyer

Amphibious plane from Finland.

[] – Company site
[] – FlyNano


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