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Prof. Ad van Wijk

“There is no energy crisis” is the adage of prof van Wijk. Lecture Masdar Institute of Technology in Abu Dhabi.

The concept of the “hydrogen economy” is still very much alive in The Netherlands and one of its main proponents is prof. Ad van Wijk, sustainable energy entrepreneur and part-time Professor Future Energy Systems at the Delft University of Technology.

Van Wijk is currently pushing for the North of the Netherlands to embrace the hydrogen economy as a substitute for the outgoing natural gas age, to be fueled by rise of the North Sea as the coming energy power house of the Netherlands and the EU.

[] – The Green Hydrogen Economy in the Northern Netherlands
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Prof van Wijk after a hearing on hydrogen economy in Dutch Parliament

[] – Dutch language radio interview with Ad van Wijk on 9 new hydrogen pump stations
[] – Eerste klimaatneutrale energiecentrale ter wereld komt in Eemshaven


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