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The World of Autonomous E-Vehicles According to Daimler and Bosch

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Future vision of autonomous e-vehicle driving presented to you by Daimler-Benz and Bosch. A world where vehicles no longer have steering wheels. The person in “car4you” (probably driverless taxi) is absorbed in working, you can have an automated taxi for 19 euro/day, the bus driver has gone fishing, e-bicycles are fast and or parked in elevator structures. Traffic lights still exist although not strictly necessary. Privately owned parked cars no longer exist, they discretely park themselves, only rental cars are parked in designated areas.

[] – Driverless cars could be on road by early 2020s after Bosch and Daimler launch joint venture
[deepresource] – “By 2030 You Won’t Own a Car”

Stuttgart main street as it should become: urban farming, driverless, quiet, odorless e-vehicles. Transport of goods along cables. Real large volume traffic under ground.

According to Der Spiegel the car may have been invented in Stuttgart, but meanwhile the city is suffocating in diesel fumes. In the eighties, Sindelfingen near Stuttgart was the richest community in Europe. It also was the home of Mercedes-Benz and both these facts were likely strongly correlated. The Zebra crossings for instance were made of marble. But meanwhile the view is rising that the car economy is in a cul de sac.

Stuttgart, the car hellhole it is now, situated between steep hills, keeping the smog trapped.

[] – Autostadt Stuttgart – Kill your darlings! (paywall)

Diesel ban for Stuttgart, which will only accelerate the energy transition.


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