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Nel H2Station Factory

Norwegian “Nel Hydrogen” company has a hydrogen gas stations factory in Denmark with a capacity of max. 300 stations per year.

[] – Nel Company site

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City Transformer – Fold-up Car

Israeli startup “City Transformer” has developed a small city e-vehicle. Range 150 km, 90 kmh top-speed, 2-seater, width can vary between 100-140 cm and can be parked on a motor cycle parking spot. Price tag $10.500. Production start 2020.

[] – Company site
[] – Foldable eletric vehicle future urban driving
[] – Israeli folding vehicle to take on urban street woes
[] – Dieses E-Auto lässt sich einklappen

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Wind Meets Gas in the Netherlands

The Dutch minister of “economic affairs and climate” is passing the message that the Netherlands commits itself to a hydrogen economy and that it expects to be a major player in the hydrogen business within a decade.

Pumped Hydro Storage for Flatlanders

[source] Dr. Jan Huynen (86) during the academic promotion plenum last month at the university of Utrecht in the Netherlands on the topic of large-scale underground hydro-storage.

Holland is “zo plat als een dubbeltje” (as flat as a dime)…


…and hence not suitable for large-scale pumped hydro-storage, because for that you need mountains, right? Like in Switzerland, Canada, Norway, Scotland?

“Wrong!” says dr. Jan Huynen (86), who received his PhD last month, his second, by defending his thesis that post stamp sized country the Netherlands can very well harbor large-scale hydro-storage… under ground.

The economist-engineer-entrepreneur Jan Huynen has been working 30 years on his brainchild and advocates that the Netherlands should build an underground storage facility for excess renewable energy. Exporting electricity to neighbours is no long-term option, because variations in solar and wind will often go hand-in-hand cross-border. Huynen proposes an above ground reservoir of 400 x 500 meter and ca. 15 meter deep and a secundairy reservoir, 1400 meter below the surface, the maximum altitude modern pumps can bridge. In the southern province of Limburg suitable locations could be found, but more research is necessary. Huynen’s design encompasses a pump/generator of 1400 MW, a total storage capacity of 9.4 GWh. Construction time 6-7 years, investment volume 1.8 billion euro. Payback time 50 years.


[] – Energieopslag met water kan in Nederland
[] – Windenergie behouden in water kan óók in landen zonder bergen
[] – Blue battery for green energy (index)
[University Utrecht] – L. Corbijn, Benefits of Underground Pumped Hydro Storage (UPHS) in the Dutch power system (thesis, 103p, 2017)
[] – 86-jarige heeft revolutionair windenergie-plan
[] – Presentatie/Interview Jan Huynen
[] – Wind en zon opslaan in ondergrondse waterkrachtcentrale

[] – Blue battery for green energy, 25 euro

Encouraging Tesla S/X Battery Degradation Data

A Dutch-language forum of Tesla-owners (Netherlands + Belgium) gathered usage data of their over 350 Tesla vehicles and battery capacity data in particular. The results are encouraging to say the least and suggest that a single battery could power a Tesla S/X for the entire economic life-cycle of the vehicle. Degradation is at its fastest during the first 50,000 miles, a very acceptable 5% only. Then you have to work harder to get at the next 5%: 136,000 miles.

In continental European words: you can drive your Tesla S/X over 300,000 km and your battery will still be able to contain north of 90% of the original energy capacity (85 kWh).

These figures are not universal though. Nissan for instance has far less shining figures, see links below.

[] – Tesla battery degradation at less than 10% after over 160,000 miles, according to latest data
[] – Forum data

ScottishPower Into 100% Wind

[Google Maps] Shoreham gas power plant

Scottish power company ScottishPower announced on Tuesday that it has completed the sale of its traditional generation business to British electrical power generation company Drax Group for £702 million in cash, resulting in ScottishPower becoming the first integrated energy company in the UK to shift completely from coal and gas to wind power…

Note that the Shoreham plant won’t be decommissioned, so no short term climate advantages are realized here. But the signal is clear:

This makes ScottishPower the first vertically integrated UK energy company to exit coal and gas electricity generation and the first to transition to being powered entirely by renewable energies.

ScottishPower can set itself up as a “100% green power company” and expand its customer base accordingly.

[] – 100% Green Generation for ScottishPower with Sale of Remaining Gas Plant
[] – ScottishPower Ditches Remaining Gas Plants In Move To 100% Wind
[deepresource] – World-Record Pumped-Hydro Storage for Scotland?
[Google Maps] – Location Southern England (not Scotland)

Ocean Cleanup Started Operations

Dutch based venture “Ocean Cleanup” has begun operations this week to being to clean up the oceans of the world, to begin with the dirtiest one, the Pacific, mostly from Asia.


[] – Ocean Cleanup
[] – Müllfänger nimmt Arbeit am Pazifik-Strudel auf

Question: if most plastic ends up in the ocean via Asian rivers, wouldn’t it make more sense to filter the rivers estuary; cleaning up at the source?

Royal Dutch Shell to Become Renewable Energy Leader

Royal Dutch Shell is preparing to “turbocharge” its bid to become a global leader in clean energy in the coming years as it seeks to overcome the “existential” challenge posed by climate change, boss Ben van Beurden has told The Sunday Telegraph… “The biggest calling card we have is scale. We can scale much faster than anyone else,” he added.

[] – Shell set to ‘turbocharge’ its clean energy drive in the 2020s
[] – Shell Energy Transition Report [pdf]

Ben van Beurden earlier this month participated in Energy Week forum in Russia, joining a panel together with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

[] – Shell to develop geothermal energy in the Netherlands

[] – Shell Pernis-refinery to heats tens of thousands of households

[] – Innogy and Shell in floating wind turbines

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