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H2Fuel – Hydrogen Powder NaBH4

Dutch language videoGerard Lugtigheid demonstrates his experimental setup with NaBH4, pure water and acid and produced H2 that pushes away the water in the tube.

Dutch inventor Gerard Lugtigheid is proposing a novel way of storing hydrogen in a sodium boron compound (NaBH4), which comes as a powder. So far the NaBH4 cycle came with a round-trip efficiency of 50% (DOE). Lugtigheid claims to have found a method of increasing that number to almost 100% and to have patents in America and Asia. Key is using very pure water. Storage of the powder is trivial.

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Dutch #1 hydrogen guru prof. Ad van Wijk (who has a horse in this race) doesn’t denounce this technology, but sees some challenges ahead.

Dutch language video

Dutch language video


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