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[] – Metalot wants to solve the world’s energy problems

The zinc factory in Budel-Dorplein is ready for a new phase of life. From energy consumer to supplier, from environmental risk to friend of Natuurmonumenten, from Nyrstar to Metalot. Right on the spot where metals are now being processed using the energy that equals the needs of the whole city of Eindhoven, in a few years time the solution must become visible for major issues such as energy storage and sustainable mobility. All this in a 100% energy-neutral and circular way… The first changes will be visible at the beginning of next year, when the first 60 hectares of solar panels will be delivered. As a first part of the – eventually – closed energy circle on Metalot… Part of the Nyrstar site has been renamed Metalot Circularity Center Cranendonck (Metalot3C)… Metalot3C wants to drive and support the innovations needed to achieve 100% sustainability and 100% recyclability. De Goey: “In this way, we are going to scale up the ideas that are now being put forward at the universities – primarily in Eindhoven, but also at other universities – from a lab set-up to a factory setting.”… One of the leading themes in this respect is energy storage. “In the end, we want to completely link energy supply and demand… According to De Goey, part of the solution can be found in the metal fuels. “In that respect, this is, of course, a big playground for us. We are going to try everything we can. Basalt blocks, zinc, magnesium, iron, we have everything at hand here, so that’s ideal. We can already make fire from it, but we don’t have a good engine yet… The idea is that a wide range of partners will connect to Metalot. Technical universities, both in the Netherlands and abroad, and institutes such as DIFFER, TNO and ECN. “But also Wartsila, a ship-building company, has already shown an interest.” In addition, De Goey believes that it is more than logical to have a series of student teams to join Metalot. First of all, Team FAST, which is working on a formic acid powered car, and SOLID, which wants to build an engine on iron powder.” In 2018, we expect to host 10 researchers and 20 students. In five years’ time, this will have to grow to at least 100 researchers and 500 students of all levels”.

[] – Nyrstar
[] – Nyrstar
[] – Zinkfabriek (Budel)
[] – Metalot in Cranendonk

De huidige eigenaar is het Zwitserse concern Nyrstar. In Budel-Dorplein werken er ongeveer 450 mensen bij Nyrstar. Het bedrijf staat op een van de oudste industriële locaties van Brabant… Metalot wordt zo een plek voor versterking van innovatie in de circulaire economie rondom energie en metalen. Het zink dat bij Nyrstar wordt geproduceerd, wordt gebruikt als bescherming tegen roest, voor dakgoten en regenpijpen, in batterijen en in sanitaire onderdelen.

[] – Weert en Cranendonck ‘nijver aan het water’
[] – Duurzaam industriepark Metalot in Budel-Dorplein
[] – TU/e-studenten ontwikkelen schone centrale die werkt op metalen
[] – Wethouder Frans Kuppens tilt Metalot naar nieuw niveau
[] – Metal power: ijzerpoeder als alternatief voor kolen
[] – Iron powder as an alternative to coal
[] – Metalot gooit alle metalen in de energie-strijd

The zinc factory Budel was located at the “Iron Rhine” railway, that connected the Antwerp harbor with the German Ruhr-area industrial heartland since 1869 and was build on Prussian initiative and money.

Present day Iron Rhine near Budel. 1869–1914 were the golden years of the Iron Rhine, after WW1 until 1992, years of decay. Currently plans exist to revitalize the railway.

Zinkfabriek Budel, photo-archive.

Zinc train heading for Antwerp Harbor. Soon these trains could contain the fuel of the future: metal powder.

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