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Dutch 20 MW AKZO-Gasunie Hydrogen-Electrolysis Initiative

Gasunie for decades was the Netherlands natural gas producer monopolist. But that gas era is running out, so if Gasunie wants to survive, it needs a new business model, that preferably fits with its expertise, which is energy/gas. Enter hydrogen. The Netherlands has ambitious plans for offshore wind development and all these GW’s need to be buffered. The Dutch government has opted for hydrogen. Gasunie sees this as a chance to enter the water-electrolysis market, has teamed up with Akzo-Nobel and announced last year that it intends to build a 20 MW electrolyser, for starters, to wet its appetite, so to speak. Location factory: Delfzijl.

Currently the largest electrolyser in the Netherlands has a throughput of 1 MW. 20 MW, that would mean 3,000 ton H2/year or 30 million m3. Dutch industry currently uses 800,000 ton hydrogen per year. In the long term 5-10 GW electrolysis could be applied usefully, fed by 7-15 North Sea wind parks of 750 MW each.

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